Moving to Chicago is something that many people do. The city’s population has grown by 0.27% in recent years. Moving to this city offers many benefits, like affordability, the food scene, and the diverse population. But as good as the final destination is, long-distance moves are never easy. It gets even worse when you have fragile, expensive items to move, like antique furniture. But fear not, because our US moving experts are real experts when moving any item! Preparing your antique furniture for a long distance move can either be done by them, or you can do it yourself before entrusting them to skilled people.

First, know the worth of your items

Generations usually pass down antiques without a thought of selling them. People generally investigate the worth of something when they want to put it on the market, so you might not even know the monetary value of your antiques. But if your furniture piece is made beautifully, out of unique materials, and dates back a few hundred years, you have an absolute fortune in one piece of furniture. It would be a shame to get such beauty damaged, so please get in touch with the moving company that provides packing services Chicago residents rely on for help.

Picture of a person calculating the value of the items before preparing your antique furniture for a long distance move
Before you start preparing for a move, you should know the value of the items that you are moving.

How should you prepare your antique furniture for a long-distance move?

A long-distance move is full of uncertainty, and if you put time and effort into preparing something, it should go into preparing your antique furniture for a long distance move. It will take time, so you should start as early as a few months in advance. Our long distance movers Chicago is proud of will work so fast that it will seem like you don’t need as much, but trust us! To prepare, you need to:

  • Ensure you antiques
  • Pack and protect them properly

Insurance is important

No matter if you are moving expensive lamps and chandeliers or antique furniture long distance, insurance is a must. It might not directly protect your items from damage, but you can count on paid repairs or monetary damage compensation. Replacement of the item is highly unlikely since antiques are usually unique pieces. 

Pack and protect

Even the most minor scratch can diminish the value of an antique, so packing materials are a must. Use those of the highest quality, as it will go a long way regarding expensive items. Wrap every surface that can be wrapped with double layers of both bubble wrap and packing paper. Just take care not to put tape directly on the furniture itself, as delicate items like this can even get damaged.

Picture of a wrapped furniture piece
When preparing your antique furniture for a long distance move, spare no expense when it comes to packing materials.

Final thoughts on preparing your antique furniture for a long distance move

When you are about to move valuables, preparing your antique furniture for a long distance move is a step you cannot skip. Cutting corners is not an option with expensive items. If you give them love and care, they will add value to your home for years!