When looking at big cities we all can see there are many different areas offered to us. And the only thing we need to do is find our perfect fit. But sometimes that can be the hard part. Especially in a city such as Chicago. So before contacting the best local movers Chicago can offer you, come with us and explore some of the most popular Chicago neighborhoods for renters.

Welcome to Chicago

This beautiful giant is home to around 2.7 million people. So there’s no way that living here is bad. And being in such a nice environment has also reflected on the residents, with many tourists saying that people from Chicago are some of the nicest they ever met. This is a city where people from all around the world have gathered. Mixing many cultures and beliefs together. Actually, this windy city is also the third biggest city in the nation. So it comes as no surprise that it has many nice areas to look at. Well, there is even more, residential movers Chicago residents recommend, are also quite busy helping new people make this place their home.

Skyline of one of the most popular Chicago neighborhoods for renters
There are many popular Chicago neighborhoods for renters, you just need to find your top pick!


If you have by any chance hired one of the professional movers Chicago offers, in order to move to Bucktown, then congratulations! That was one good decision. This is a favored Chicago neighborhood that’s ideal for renters. Especially renters that enjoy recreation and easy entry to public transport. This small but diverse area features something for everyone. And it has a wide variety of entertainment. You can explore the local parks, drive a bike, play with your kids outside, go to the local bars and so much more.

Logan Square

Next among the best Chicago neighborhoods for renters that we have to mention is Logan Square. This beautiful area has been restored over the years. Presenting us now with a diverse community within the Chicago Boulevard System. It is not too much to say that this is simply a gorgeous neighborhood. People are free to enjoy parks, the Logan Plaza, and historic facilities. It keeps its original charm nicely mixed in with glimmers of the future. As the residence of multiple churches of different beliefs, Logan Square is the ideal place for history or architecture enthusiasts.

A man standing next to aa Chocago grafity
There are many different areas to pick from, but one thing they all have in common is great people.

Lincoln Park

This place is far more than a traveler’s goal. It’s a rich neighborhood found near the crown jewel of the city. It’s located west of the renowned Lincoln Park. The area citizens can take in the grand views of the park,  Chicago River, or Lake Michigan just by sitting in their living rooms. Many furniture movers Chicago has to offer, have helped people come here and make this area their new home.


There are many more popular Chicago neighborhoods for renters, that we didn’t name. It doesn’t make them any less important than the ones we did. If by any chance you are not content with our choices don’t be discouraged and look for your perfect match.