Relocating to another home can be challenging. It would be great if we could just wake up inside a new home, but without putting an effort and time, moving is not possible. The moving process consists of thoroughly planning. Moreover, if you own giant items such as a piano or pool table, you may need extra preparation. When it comes to a pool table moving, you should opt for hiring professional movers to do it for you. Why is it recommendable? Despite your efforts, moving a pool table could be extremely difficult. Your billiard table is not only a decorative but also a functional piece of furniture that brings spaces and people together. If you can’t imagine hanging with your friends without your old pool table, its protection and safety matters.

Pool table moving requires help

No one knows moving issues better than professional movers. As experienced professionals, our US Moving Experts compiled tips and tricks you will find useful. Preparing and loading a pool table requires a long and careful disassembly process. There are too many characteristics of pool tables such as big, bulky and heavy parts that make them hard to disassemble. Otherwise, they are consist of sensitive surfaces that are easy to scratch.

You got this
Take as much help as you need and don’t worry.

Hire reliable moving service

Although pool tables are very expensive their crucial value is about the emotions of their owners. That giant item takes so much space inside your house or a basement. On the other hand, your old billiard table is the reason for many beautiful memories of you and your friends. Their bulkiness and weight make them an extremely difficult item to move, even to another room. For all mentioned reasons, don’t you even try to move your pool table without help and planning in advance. The best recommendation you can get when the pool table moving is to hire pool table movers ChicagoTransporting items such as the pool table can be a real pain when the time for moving comes. This is why you need help from experienced billiard table movers.

Pool table moving tips

Does hiring pool table movers sound too expensive? When it’s about billiard table moving, another thing that might concern you is what the total moving cost will be. It is completely understandable because those services bring additional expenses. Planning your budget is key to successfully organizing your move. You can rely on your movers and let them do preparing and loading your billiard table instead of you.

Pool table moving
Your pool table will be at your new address very soon.

Basic DIY billiard table moving tips

Unfortunately, if you can’t afford a pool table moving service at this moment, follow our DIY billiard table relocating tips:

  • Find the appropriate moving supplies and materials. Chicago has many stores where you can find the necessary supplies.
  • Rent a moving truck
  • Enlist as many helpers as possible. Pool table relocating includes lifting your giant item and its parts, so recruit as many people as you could.
  • Measure doorways, staircases, and hallways
  • Disassemble the pool table and label everything properly
  • Protect all parts and load the truck
  • Reassemble the pool table.

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