As if long distance relocation is not hard enough, it can be really stressful to plan it during a pandemic. and that is the reason why today we will tell you how you can plan your long distance move during COVID-19. That way you will remain safe during the move, and you will be able to organize everything with your professional movers Chicago. Now, let us waste no more time, and guide you through the process.

A long distance move during COVID-19 begins with a plan

The most important thing you need to remember here is that everything begins with a plan. Now, you will not only write down all the tasks you need to complete when moving, but you will also, have to think about all the safety protocols you need to follow when moving. That means getting proper protection like gloves and masks and disinfecting everything. These are one of the most important tasks you need to think about when moving.

a person writing a plan for a Long Distance Move During COVID-19
Make a plan for your long distance move during COVID-19

Following some safety protocols during the move is very important. Especially when we talk about the pandemic. That is why only professional long distance movers Chicago are ready to move you during the pandemic. This is a good thing because they are constantly tested for COVID as well as carrying masks and gloves. So make sure to only hire professionals when moving. 

Disinfect everything

While you are preparing for the move, you should think about disinfecting everything that might get contaminated. That means doorknobs, doorbells, light switches, handles, door handles, etc. These are the places that people will touch the most, and you need to disinfect them all. Now, you don’t need to get some expensive chemicals to do it. Use simple disinfecting solutions for this. Also, now that the warmer weather is upon us, don’t forget to keep windows open so fresh air comes in. It is also one of the tasks you need to complete on your moving to-do list. It will help you deal with any problem during the move.

A person holding a spray bottle
Disinfecting is important

Keep your mask and gloves on when movers arrive

It is important to stay safe when moving during a pandemic. That is why you need to wear gloves and facemask even when your movers arrive. That will lower the risk of anyone getting infected. And if you can, try to pay for their services with your card, not your cash. It is a good way to lower the amount of contact you will have. Staying safe during the pandemic is important. And now that the vaccines have entered the “battle” consider taking one.

We hope that by now you know how a long distance move during COVID-19 can be planned safely. We are happy that you learned something from us, and would like to invite you to contact us if you have any additional questions. it is a good way to help you move without having any issues.

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