Are you trying to make more space inside your home? There is no better solution than a storage unit. Renting storage is what we often need and there are many reasons for it. Moving to a new city, a smaller home, or clearing some clutter? Whatever the reason, the storage unit is a wise decision. It can save you space and make your home pretty organized. It does not matter if you looking for short-term or long term storage, you should know how to prepare your items for storing. Properly packing for a storage unit is crucial if you want to store extra furniture or get winter clothes out of the closet. Our US Moving Experts recommend you be careful in order to protect your belongings from damage while packing for storage unit. Moreover, we will learn you how to maximize space inside the storage unit.

Packing for storage unit- Plan well

The easiest thing is to remove your unnecessary items from the house. While you in a rush to organize your current or new home, you don’t think about the inventory list you should create. You should avoid common moving mistakes during preparations. Removing your belongings from the house has its advantages and disadvantages. But isn’t free space has only advantages? Unfortunately, your useful items may disappear in your storage unit’s sea of boxes. To prevent this, take time and create a to-do and inventory list. Don’t forget to plan to clean the storage unit before storing the items. Besides, make a couple of copies of the inventory list and keep one sample inside of the unit. It can help you to keep your favorite clothes from disappearing forever somewhere in the back of your storage unit. Moreover, you could label your boxes and arrange them by weight.

A good plan is crucial for successful packing for a storage unit.

Make sure you have enough space in your storage unit

Before you book a storage unit, you need to double-check that your items will fit before you start packing the storage unit. Because you don’t want to start packing and organizing your storage unit only to return home with half your belongings. But also, you can’t place them there when they don’t fit. If you are already rent storage for some reason, you may find yourself in doubt about its size. Additionally, your moving is urgent pretty much, and you may have a packing and organizing issues.

Consider ways to make extra space inside of your storage.

Before you start being desperate, consider hiring professional movers. Choose a licensed moving company that is registered at FMCSA. They can do the hardest parts of moving for you. And you can completely rely on their experience and knowledge. On the other hand, you will have enough time to finish packing for the storage unit. Besides, you can let them do packing for you. They will know how to properly pack your belongings and put them in the storage.

Choose the right size storage before packing for storage unit

Create a list of how many bulky items you will be packing in your storage unit. Along with, take a rough estimate of the number of boxes and other items that you will need to make fit. Above all, consider how much space all items will take up, and then compare it to the space available. If there occur any struggles, you will need to prioritize and do decluttering before packing. Selling and donating things you don’t use any more can save you a lot of money. For this reason, you will be able to rent a smaller storage space. Nonetheless, you can fit a lot in when packing and organizing a small storage unit. All you just have is to plan well.

Inventory list and detailed schedule

You will become aware you need to make a general plan of how you will place the boxes and furniture inside your storage unit before you get started. Before storing, sort your boxes by weight. You could label them by weigh, too. Heaviest boxes must be labeled and it will be safe to keep them in the back. Sometimes when you need to cross half of a unit to find something, you don’t want to lift heaviest boxes. Moreover, lifting light and small boxes during your search for a certain item can be stressless. The only way to make your storage unit a tidy place that you gladly visit is to organize it carefully. So don’t you skip any of the next steps.

  • Clean everything that’s going into the storage unit. In case you store something while it’s dirty, it is going to be dirtier when you unpack it a couple of months later. This is a must while packing for storage unit.
  • Wash clothes and ensure to remove any stains. If you change your mind and look for them soon, they will be ready for use.
  • Wipe down and wax wood items and furniture. It is a good way to protect them from dust and moisture.
  • Scrub fabric-covered furniture with antibacterial cleaner. Don’t forget to let it dry fully.
  • Clean leather furniture and make sure to use a gentle cleanser
  • Pallet the ground: Before putting the possession in, arrange pallets according to your plan. Reuse packing supplies to protect your items.
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean the entire storage area.
Packing for storage unit
Inventory list and schedule of cleaning can save you time.

Maximize your storage unit’s space by installing shelving

We can help you maximize your space while packing for storage unit. Did you consider installing shelving in your storage unit? You have two possible options that will help you save space. The first option is to purchase hanging shelves and temporarily drill them into the wall. For example, put supplies or items you can expect to use very soon on your hanging shelves. This is a good way to spot stored items quickly. The second option is to get large plastic or metal shelves that stand on the ground. Those type of od shelves can be suitable for heavier items and tools. For instance, metal shelves can help organize large or oddly shaped items that won’t fit in boxes. Of course, you can use both options of shelves to pack and organize the storage units accordingly to your needs.

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