People usually forget about one of the most parts of a business, available space. That’s why today we want to talk about organizing business inventory in storage. As a company that works in the moving industry, US moving experts believe we can give you some advice on how to optimize the use of it. Only by learning how to use your space completely will you be able to grow and create a better atmosphere inside the company. For that reason, here are just some tips on how to utilize your storage better.

Create a plan when organizing business inventory in storage

Whatever and whenever you put inside a storage unit, it needs to be out of it at some point. So it’s extremely important to have a good plan when putting something away. In general, a good start would be to write everything you can put inside a unit. After the commercial movers get their job done everything is near, and the point after the move is arguably the best moment to plan your inventory for storage. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, what’s needed in the office on a daily basis? After that, you can divide it into two groups and declutter the working space. Everything that goes to the storage unit you can put in a box. And after you pack everything, you can find the perfect-sized unit.

Woman writing a plan
Having a plan is crucial when organizing business inventory in storage

Pack everything accordingly

Now that you’ve got the list of things that will go into storage, you can start packing. Don’t rush the packing as you can easily damage items that will be important to you in the future. When it comes to packing supplies for storage you need to have everything new and available. From moving boxes to wrapping paper, everything needs to be close. When you actually have to bring items into the storage unit, take care. Try to put the furniture and items you won’t need near the back of the unit. Another great piece of advice is to add shelves to your unit as it will open up more space for paperwork and documents. Just keep in mind that they need to be safe and not hold more than they can endure.

Put what you need the most near the front

Help yourself and your employees by putting everything you’ll need soon near the front of the storage unit. It will make the day easier for everyone, as the trips to the storage room won’t turn into a nightmare of finding the thing you need inside a pile of papers and boxes. Keeping track of everything that you put inside will help a lot, especially in places like storage Chicago where there are many units near each other, so it can happen that you lose the track of time and space. By knowing where your items are and the right place you put them, organizing business inventory in storage will be made easy.

A person using a forklift
If you put the most needed items in front of the storage room, it will be easier to take them out

Keep track of everything when organizing business inventory in storage

It might seem extreme, but keep every record of items that are in storage, if it’s possible. Update as much as you can, and keep track of the date, quantity, and even position inside the storage unit. It will take some dedication to do it, but your productivity will spike. Above all, it will make it easier for other people to take something out of the storage if they have an updated list at all times. Storage is important and that’s why you need to give it your full attention. Offices need it when they’re overflown with paperwork or change locations. Retailers usually need it for seasonal items as they need to be stored too. The importance of storage units is huge for businesses that know how to use them well.

Organizing business inventory in storage by creating a system

Another type of system for storing for businesses is to divide items be it by size, color, or style. It’s up to you to choose one and hold to it. Depending on the size of your unit it will take you more or less time to create a functioning system. For example, in a small office, it’s enough to put items inside one box without labeling it. In other types of businesses, you might be so lucky that you can divide items by size or color. However, in others, you might even need to create a map to get around the storage unit. Obviously, if the storage unit is that big and requires you to do so. Whatever your situation is, having a working system is the key to success.

Man typing on his computer
A good system can facilitate your storage

Choose the right storage for you

We already talked that storage units come in different shapes and sizes. However, there are more factors that impact your choice of unit. If your business is working long hours, or maybe has people going to it all the time, having a climate-controlled storage unit isn’t a bad idea. Another factor when you pick a storage unit is its lighting. Firstly, because your employers will have it much easier to find whatever they need. And secondly, there is less chance that your items will fall in the back and get lost and unnoticed.

In the end, we think we told you everything there is about the importance of organizing business inventory in storage units. Be it that you’re moving your office or just a retailer that needs to have a place to put their items aside, it’s very important to always have space available. We wish you that we see your business soon on the top of the Better Business Bureau list. Make sure you keep on with the good work and remember to always have space available!

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