So, you decided to move out. First things first, you need to declutter. Whether you are moving to another country or just around the block, taking all of your stuff with you is completely unnecessary. Before moving out, make a list of all of your possessions. Some things will probably be worthless, and without thinking, just throw them away. Moreover, some things may be valuable, but you do not want to bring them with you, so think about donating them. Lastly, one of the best ideas would be to consider organizing a yard sale. By doing this, you will not only declutter but also earn some extra cash which will come in handy later on. Moreover, this is a great way to make extra space in your home.

Before organizing a Yard Sale

A family meeting is a must! Before starting with the preparations, be sure to gather all of your family and to have a discussion about your possessions. You do not want to sell your child’s favorite game or some of your husband’s tools. So, sit down, and put everything on the paper. After doing that, set a date. Weekends are usually the best choice since people are not working and you can ask some of your friends to help you out. Do not forget to get a permit if your city requires it. Also, you will need to advertise your yard sale so that people will come. There are many ways to attract potential buyers:

  • pay for an ad in the newspaper
  • pay for an ad in yard-sale-specific Websites
  • print some neighborhood newsletters that will let people know you are organizing a yard sale
  • make some handmade signs around your area

Make Your Yard Sale Look Good

It is all about the first impression! If your yard sale does not look good, nobody will come. So make it look appealing. Wipe the dust from your appliances, wash all the clothes and shoes, and even toys before selling them. It is a good idea to iron and hang clothes and lay down everything else nicely on clean tables and shelves. Borrow some folding tables form your neighbors if you don’t have them. Whatever you do, do not put stuff on the ground. Also, to make things pleasing for the eye, arrange things logically. Put all the books in one place, all the clothes on the hangers on the other place, and so on. These little things will bring you a successful yard sale.

Clothes rack - a necessity when organizing a yard sale.
Adult clothes are usually a hard sell at a yard sale unless you price and display them right.

Price Everything!

Do not go crazy with your prices. When organizing a yard sale, things should be cheap so that everything could sell out. Remember why you started with your yard sale originally, and that was to declutter. If you have problems deciding how much something should cost, try thinking about the “rule of the thumb“. That means that you should price each item for about 20 percent of what you originally paid for it. Do not forget to put prices on everything that you are selling. Also, it will be helpful to put “not for sale” sign on the things which are not available. This will help you avoid any confusion. Display valuable items close to you!

During the Yard Sale

The day has come. Get up early, wake up the entire family and start preparing. Yard sales usually last the whole day, so arm yourself with patience. Greet buyers as they arrive so that they know who is in charge. After greeting them, leave them alone and let them shop; most yard-sale-goers are on the hunt and do not have time to chat. Do not use money box! At some point, you will be distracted, and somebody could steal all your money. There should be a person whose job is only to take care of the money earned, but if you are alone, wear a bag that is always close to you. Furthermore, be sure to have plenty of one dollar bills, you will need it! It is also a nice touch if you have plastic bags for your shoppers.

Things you would sell on a yard sale.
If you have many little odds and ends that you know nobody will buy, put them on a “Free Table”. Children will love them!

Create a Fun and Comfortable Experience

Yes, the point of organizing a yard sale is to declutter and to sell stuff, but that does not mean that you can not have fun. So, play some music, for example, just make sure that what you are playing is something that everybody likes. Music makes people feel comfortable and more relaxed. You should make your customers happy! So, making lemonade for everyone is always a good idea. Not just that, but also, coffee, soda, donuts… or whatever you have in your pantry. Having food and drinks will make people stay longer, and hopefully, buy more. Also, if you have any pets, make sure to move them to another part of your yard, since some people may be afraid or even allergic.

Two glasses of Lemonade on a table
Be kind! Offer some free ice water on a hot day or free coffee on a cold one.

Almost Done

The yard sale is finally over! But you still have work to do. You will have some unsold things, so the best idea is to put them in boxes and donate. There are many charitable organizations that will cherish what you brought. Do not forget to thank your neighbors for patience. Sometimes the music and the people talking can create a lot of noise, so make sure that you apologize to your neighbors for any inconvenience. Also, remove all signs from the sale, and return your yard to normal.

You made it! You decluttered and you earned some money in the process, and hopefully, you had fun. Now, you can move to your new home junk-free. All of these things will make your relocation much easier, you can move your business with ease, or you can move with your family even easier. Organizing a yard sale is definitely something that can help you make moving less stressful.

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