Moving your office can be stressful. Maybe even more stressful than moving your home. Namely, the office moving involves meeting with your employees, talking to clients as well as taking care of your deadlines and many more tasks. As we know what you are going through, we prepared some office moving tips to keep in mind before you even started. While preparing for an office move, the most important part of moving an office or corporation is to plan everything out in advance. Planning is crucial and can save time and money during the move. The more time you spend moving, the less cost-efficient your move will be for your company. To save yourself time and effort, carefully consider and evaluate your upcoming office move. Furthermore, your planning must be done before hiring a moving company.

Office moving tips- Start planning early

As a reputable moving company, we will remind you of crucial steps when it is about office moving. So you can completely rely on Moving Experts US office moving tips. Actually, we have combined our experience, knowledge, and passion for moving to make moving easier for you. As you need to learn something before taking further steps, we are here to provide you with it. Particularly when it is about office moving. With our help, you can be sure that everything is just going to be right.

Office moving tips
Planning is one of the best office moving tips.

Are you already know that you will be relocating your office in your near future? Maybe one of the best office moving tips we can give you is to start planning for it as soon as the moving date is set. Do you think that it is going to be fast and easy? Unfortunately, you are wrong. The office moving is going to take a lot of time, as well as money and energy. Consequently, do not be one of those making basic beginner mistakes.

Plan Your Office Relocation in Advance

We highly recommend you to try planning your move 3-5 months ahead. Instead of wasting time, do thorough research about office relocation. Besides, ensure that you have all the details covered. Therefore, if you already know the dimensions and the layout of your new office, ask your colleagues for help.  Moreover, you can allow your employees to do their own planning. Try to create a floor plan and put it on someplace visible for everybody to see. Also, you should decide which part of a city you will relocate office too.  So, don’t be afraid to get all the team involved in consideration. Their opinion can be precious for your location decision. Because you are sharing the same business goals and dreams. Apart from this, plan ahead for your moving budget. It is very important to know how much you have to spend.

Hire the right moving company

Do yourself a favor, and hire office moving experts that can handle your relocation. Ensure to hire a full-service company since office moving requires a lot of equipment and paperwork. Get a free moving quote from a few companies and compare them. Additionally, ask them for an on-site estimate. With jobs like this, it is just not enough to describe what needs to be done over the phone. You can always contact us for more information. Make a schedule an interview with a couple of moving companies and choose the one that suits your company’s needs the most.

Research to find the best moving company

Before you decide to hire movers, get recommendations from close friends, family members or colleagues. Nevertheless, if none of them had experience with the office move, there is a solution still. The Internet is a great place where you can find reliable movers. So prepare yourself for a lot of researching. Reading online reviews can be helpful, indeed. According to this make sure to read all the comments, not only good but also bad.

Visit the new space

Don’t skip a visit to the new building into which the office will move. It is also one of the important office moving tips you need to follow. While at the premises of the new office space, take an opportunity to develop an office layout. Determine where office desks and cubicles will be positioned and where the electrical outlets are located. Also, you should get your movers involved in visiting a new space. After this, you will be able to coordinate a moving day easily.

New office
New space will bring new energy to your team.

Organize Your Employees

Packing before moving day could take a lot of time. The best way to save time during moving is to hire a professional packing service. But in certain circumstances, it will be necessary to be included in the packing process. For example, carefully label every box so you are not looking for things like more printer paper or toner only when you really need them. As a result, it will save you a ton of time. And you will realize that when you are getting settled in your new location.

Office moving tips
If you make an effort, your team can back to work very soon.

Unquestionably, it will be easy for everyone to access. Additionally, it will still be a major help to have everyone responsible for their own desk space. So assign everyone the task of packing up their desks. In addition to this, one of the best office moving tips is to create an inventory list. Make sure to create an inventory of each item, because it can prevent items from getting lost while moving.

Update your address everywhere

One of the most important office moving tips is to don’t let the moving interrupted your business plans for too long. Furthermore, after you pack everything you will not be able to continue working until you get to a new space. Create a schedule of relocation based on important dates in the business calendar. But don’t forget how important is that everybody knows that you are moving. Especially your clients. To make this easier, look into a change of address checklist. You will need to change your NAP information with Google. Ensure that your edit about the new address is approved. And then the information will show up on all Google map searches. Besides transferring your utilities, you need to update your website to avoid misunderstanding between customers. In advance, update your business cards and all other publicity materials you may have.

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