Commercial and office moves require a lot more preparation and dedication in comparison to residential relocations. For that reason, even before you start, office decluttering is a very good starting point for your office move. Thankfully, as experts, we from the US Moving experts will know just the right way to help you out. Here are just some of the office decluttering tips and how to handle them in an efficient manner.

The first of many office decluttering tips – Make an inventory

Every move needs to be well-organized. For that reason, even when you declutter it needs to be done step by step. That’s why it’s always a good idea to make a list of the items you have around your office. Above all, will you really need everything in your new office? Let our commercial movers Chicago help you with that decision. However, before they do that it’s time to put pen to paper. Take a good look at all the furniture and office supplies. Get everything on a list, and in dialogue with your colleagues, make sure to get rid of some of the items.

A man writing in his notebook
Before you use these office decluttering tips make sure to make an inventory

Take care of the cables in your office

One of the most difficult challenges you have when moving your office is the cables. Every cable seems like it’s going all around the building and mixing with all the different cables. Unfortunately, it can be very dangerous to operate in that way. Many offices have a fire hazard under their feet without ever noticing it.

Thankfully there are guides on organizing an office that can help you a lot and give you assistance in order to never get into such problems ever again. There are also many helpful cable holders that will make it easier for you to organize cables in your new office. Use them and you will make your new office space much safer.

Concentrate on the things you need when office decluttering

When it’s time to say goodbye to some of your office items it’s essential to not throw away something important. Unfortunately, it happens even to the best of us. For that reason, make sure that you always communicate with your colleagues before you do anything drastic.

Even our local movers make sure to have a list, but they will always put your most important items inside a designated box. We recommend doing the same with your office move as it will make the job easier. As a matter of fact, you should start with packing the items that you know you’ll need in your new office. By doing so you will decrease the chances for potential mishaps.

An office
Make sure to have some priorities when taking care of your office

Have priorities when decluttering your office

Like all moves, even an office move has its priorities. That’s why one of the most important office decluttering tips is – you can’t put in the same position office supplies and IT equipment. That’s what makes this type of move different from your ordinary residential relocation. For that reason make sure to know in advance if you can donate furniture or throw away some of the supplies that are broken or damaged. Holding to a good plan will be a very good option for you.

Digitize your documents to make the task easier

If you have a lot of documents in your office it’s time to digitize them. It maybe isn’t one of the processes that will open you up the most space, but it will be greatly appreciated by your colleagues. Nobody likes having too much paperwork around their desk. At least on a PC you can catalog it and don’t have a physical mess around you that haunts you in the office while you’re working. Of course, make sure that you get the green light from everybody and make sure to store the documents in a safe place. However, the digital copy will help the morale and motivation to work around the new office.

Will office decluttering require you to rent storage space?

Are there too many things to take care of in your office? Is decluttering becoming a challenge as everything seems important? Don’t sweat it, there’s always a good enough solution for any problem you might have. Especially if you have a reputable moving and storage company on your side. Get in touch with us and our storage in Chicago facilities will make sure that everything you put in will be secure and safe until you need it once again. Another advantage of using storage when office decluttering is that you can have all the items available almost immediately.

A storage facility
Make sure to know in advance if you will need additional storage

Don’t try to be a perfectionist

Decluttering your office is an important task. Above all, it requires you to be very diligent and a good organizer. However, there’s always a chance you will have too much of the good in this situation. Don’t let perfectionists run this operation and make sure that everything goes smoothly. You don’t want to have a situation where there are hod ups with the process. For that reason, make sure to trust this task with people you can trust, but also the ones that you know are efficient and don’t fear making mistakes. Losing a chair or some office supplies during this isn’t going to be something that’s too drastic.

Making a transition to a new office will be much easier if you know how to organize it. On top of that, office decluttering tips lead to decreasing transport costs and make the overall transition smoother. So are there real reasons for you not to downsize and get rid of some office supplies and furniture? Make sure that everyone is on the whole plan from your colleagues and there shouldn’t be problems with your move. All the best with your office move and we hope that our advice will make things easier for you.

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