Now when you know that you are moving to another country, it is time for preparations. The first stage of preparation for the interstate move includes creating an inventory list. This is where you are able to define how complex your move will be. Will your inventory list define how long the process lasts? Of course it will. For example, if you are a student and moving to another country, you will probably pack your stuff on your own and hire long distance movers Chicago to take you to the new address. Otherwise, if you moving your pool table long distance and thereby moving with a family, you will need more help than just transportation. Although it may seem like just a game, moving your billiard table is not going to be so easy.

How to prepare for moving your pool table long distance?

One thing is for sure if you prepare well your move could be stress-free. But, thoroughly preparations are more complicated when you have to move giant, bulky items. Billiard tables weigh a ton, literally. It is hard to believe but, they even can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. Consequently, relocating them requires a tedious disassembly process. It means that disassembly your pool table takes knowledge, patience, and skill. Above all, moving your pool table takes enormous strength that has nothing to do with billiard playing. On the other hand, you know that preparing and packing your pool table is an obligatory part of your moving plan. Moreover, it defines your move entirely. Wondering if you can handle it?

Moving your pool table long distance
Create a moving plan.

Be smart and get as much help as you need

If you are honest with yourself, you must confess that hiring professional help is a smarter move. Your pool table is not only a decorative but also a functional piece of furniture with huge emotional value. Its essential feature is to bring spaces and people together. You can’t imagine hanging with your friends without your old pool table and you will hire the best pool table movers Chicago has. Cause its protection and safety matters the most. Once you make a wrong move and destroy it, it will be hard to repair it. Thereby, moving a long distance is a complex process itself, and additional stress is unwanted.

Hire professionals when moving your billiard table long distance

Unquestionably, the disassembly pool table requires more than attention. So if you have enough time for such a task, we will help you to move your pool table yourself. But after you get basic instructions from us, think twice. Are you going to take a risk and manage the entire moving pool table process? Be realistic and ask yourself can you do it? Here at US Moving Experts we know we can. We have been moving billiard tables across the country for so long.

Billiard table
Moving a pool table usually requires professional help.

From piano and bulky furniture to full-service moves, we have experience and offer you our help. But in case you want to test your beginner’s luck, we are glad to help with that too. So here are some of the secrets of our trade that you will find helpful. After you relocate your pool table maybe you will be able to repay us with a few pool lessons. Let’s see what is necessary when moving your pool table long distance.

How To Move a Pool Table Long Distance

Just like moving a similar specific item, this time you will need proper supplies and equipment, too. When it is about moving your pool table long distance, we should plan on moving it out of the house first. First and foremost, you will need are a few good and strong men. Although they are not professionals, they will give your best to help you move your precious billiard table. You will also need:

  • A power drill,
  • Screwdriver,
  • Socket wrench,
  • Staple remover for taking off the felt when moving your pol table long distance,
  • Plenty of thick moving blankets for protection,
  • Plenty of labeled boxes or bags on standby, so you can place screws and parts inside. Purchase enough moving boxes from Amazon and don’t forget permanent markers and tapes.
  • Materials to wrap and protect every single part.

After you gather necessary supplies and equipment, you are ready for packing

Remember to label everything clearly. Stay away from wasting time while searching for a certain part of your pool table lost in a ton of different bags or boxes. Also, when you are packing a household, it is important to protect breakable items separately. Just like wrapping your furniture, your billiard table requires the same treatment. Besides, you will have more jobs this time, cause your pool table consists of so many tiny parts.

Step by step, you will make it

Firstly, remove the table’s six-ball pockets by taking out the staples that keep them in place. Secondly, if your billiard table’s pockets are screwed in place, you will have to remove them with a screwdriver. So make sure to use a screwdriver instead of a staple remover. Thirdly, tackle the pool table’s side rails using a socket wrench. Be careful and gently remove each side rail. Store all bolt and screws separately, and be sure to clearly label each part. And then remove the felt on the top of the pool table. Pay attention and try your best not to rip or damage the felt during the removal process.

Pool table
Be patient cause this will be a long process.

Now it is time to remove your pool table’s slates. While you are preparing for this task, be extremely careful because of the weight of slates. Consequently, you will need all the manpower you can get to remove your pool table slates without getting hurt. You are just a few steps away from loading your billiard table on the moving truck.

Prefer to hire professional movers?

If moving your pool table long distance looks a bit more overwhelming than you thought, than it is a good idea to hire professionals for the job. So be free to contact us and make sure we will help you to hire reputable and reliable movers, both licensed and insured. By choosing our Moving Experts you can be sure that your billiard table will be in good hands.

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