Most houses come with something bulky or fragile that is difficult to move. However, a pool table is probably at the very top of the list of things that are trickiest to move. Whether you decide to hire overs to help you, or you choose to do it yourself, this is moving your pool table 101.

Person setting up a pool table
Moving your pool table can be a difficult task to undertake on your own.

How to move a pool table?

There are many steps to moving a pool table. Here is what not to forget when moving:

  1. Enlist help. If you decide against having a moving company handle this for you, make sure to ask several of your strongest friends to help you out. Pool tables are very heavy so moving your pool table is definitely not something you can do on your own.
  2. Prepare your tools. There really isn’t a way to move a pool table without disassembling it. You will need your toolbox for this. Get everything from a power drill to screwdrivers, a staple puller, and a socket wrench. You should also get together all the necessary supplies for packing and wrapping.
  3. You will need to disassemble it into as many pieces as possible in order to be able to move it.
  4. Organize safe transportation.
  5. Reassemble it at your new place. You will need the help of your friends and tools for this too.
Pool table with balls
Make sure to carefully follow the steps to moving a pool table.

Pool table 101 – the disassembling and the reassembling


Before you start with the disassembly, make sure you have prepared labels and plastic bags. It is important to carefully label all the bits and pieces. If you don’t do this, attempting to reassemble your pool table in your new home will be a hellish experience.

The side pockets are the first things to come off your pool table. They are usually kept in place by screws or staples. Next, remove the rails and then very, very carefully remove the staples that hold down the felt. If you plan on putting on new felt on your pool table, you can just rip off the old felt. This will make moving your pool table exponentially easier. After this, remove the slate or the slates. This is the part where you’ll need your friends. The slates are basically huge rocks, even if they are split into parts. It is also very important not to damage them as this will make it impossible to play a good game of pool. What is left after this is the frame. As certain pieces are very fragile, wrap them up very carefully. Then slowly get everything into the moving truck.

Reassembling when moving your pool table

You shouldn’t have many problems with this last part of moving your pool table. You need your friends and tools again and your labels will help it go smoothly. Having the moving company do this for you would obviously help a lot as there are some parts that can be tricky. You want to make sure the felt is on without any air bubbles and the slabs need to be leveled with your new floor. Even if you don’t have professional movers to help you, you may want to hire a handyman who can deal with the more technical bits.

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