Many people think that Europe is a great place to visit and interact with different cultures. But what about if you want to move your business from the US to Europe? You’ll have a lot of things to do, but it’s not as scary as it seems.  For that reason, US moving experts made you a list of things you need to know when moving your office from Chicago to Europe. People often forget that Europe is a big continent where more than twenty languages are spoken. You need to have an idea of where you’re moving and what service will your office have for the people in that area. Depending on what’s your business you’ll need different permits and documents, but let’s start slow and get into the things needed to start your overseas journey.

Find reliable movers

Every good move starts with professional movers. Especially when it comes to a move of this magnitude. You need to get experienced people who will take care of everything in your office and get it to the new destination without a scratch. For that reason, a good choice is international movers Chicago, as they are very experienced and already moved offices from Chicago to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and other European countries. Knowing that your office is being moved safely and without problems can leave you time to concentrate on the business side of things.

movers packing a truck
Hiring reliable movers is a must for this type of move

Organize a goodbye party

When moving your office from Chicago don’t forget about the people you’ll leave there. It’s a perfect chance to celebrate a new chapter in your life. And who to better celebrate it with than with the people who helped you the most? For that reason, organizing an office party or at least taking everyone out for dinner is a must. They will be very appreciative and you’ll have fans that will cheer you on when you start your journey in Europe. Thanking everyone and saying goodbye with a small office party will never be a mistake.

Moving your office from Chicago to Europe – Paperwork

When you move out of state there can be small changes in regulations. You can expect that a trip across the ocean will mean even more paperwork. For that reason have all your original documents with you and if you can, pack them for safekeeping in storage and make photocopies of them. Also, you need to report to the local council within three months of your arrival. It will make your job easier and avoid potential problems. In some countries, you will have to apply for a working visa. Especially if you’re moving your office from Chicago. Make sure all the papers check-out as you don’t want unnecessary delays.

Person reviewing documents on the table
Make sure to take care of your documents before you move from Chicago to Europe

Moving your office from Chicago to Europe – Health coverage

When you move from the US to Europe, you’ll notice that the cost of health care is extremely lower. Anyway, you’ll need insurance even if it’s much cheaper. Take care of it before you actually need it. As for everything, every country has its own regulations so prepare yourself for a lot of bureaucracy. In some countries, your personal insurance will be free and the only insurance you’ll pay is the one for your employees. Health insurance is probably the biggest money saver for you when you move the office.

Moving your office from Chicago to Europe – Start Networking

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is losing your clients and partners and finding new ones. That will be the situation you’ll find yourself in Europe. A whole new place for you to explore. Thankfully, we live in the era of the Internet so it will be so much easier to connect with people even before commercial movers Chicago move you to Europe. Start by researching the market of the place you’re moving to. If you can even arrange online meetings to introduce yourself and your business. It will let you better understand the place you’re going to and the people that live there and their needs. Another option for you could be using the 90-day travel visa to explore on foot. Try to attend as many events as possible and try to introduce yourself to as many people as you can.

Room full of people networking after Moving your office from Chicago to Europe
You can start networking even before you move to Europe

Get to know the culture and the language

Brushing up on your knowledge of different languages is a good idea. Depending on where you decide to move the office you’ll need to learn some Spanish, French, German or Italian. Don’t be afraid as the majority of people in Europe speak English perfectly. And when it comes to business it is language number one. If you can learn a second language it will be only a big plus. The business partners will respect you more, and it will be useful in your day to day life. No need to mention that your employees will find it easier and will also think better of you, even if you just try to learn their language.

Moving down the block can be a big journey for some. Let alone a move across the ocean. But your goal is to have a global presence and for that reason making this move shouldn’t be a stressful one, because it comes with many upsides. As a US citizen, you’ll need to stay updated with European legislation as it may vary, and is something you should always keep an eye out for from time to time. We’re sure that our little guide on moving your office from Chicago to Europe can help you feel at ease.

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