Moving to a new town or even state can be overwhelming for anybody – not just for children. Leaving their comfort zone can be disastrous, so do as much as you can to make sure that this relocation process goes as smooth as possible. Between the process of packing and organizing, children are also forced to say goodbye to all their friends and family and the familiar comfort of their community. However, the decision is final and you must move soon. Luckily there are a few steps you can take in order to make this process of moving with children easier.

Have a Family Meeting

So, first things first, call for a family meeting. Order a pizza or prepare your child’s favorite meal. The whole family should gather around the dining table. Sit down and start talking. Try to explain the reasons why this move is necessary. Encourage your children to share their opinions and try to be as respectful to their wishes as you can. Listen to them and try to get feedback. If possible, try to involve them in the process of relocation. If they feel involved, they might start feeling excited as well. You can tell them that you will need their help in the future. That might make them feel important. Moving with children does not have to be stressful.

Family diner
It is important to involve your children in the process of relocation as much as you can.

Before Moving With Children – Declutter

Before the moving truck arrives, make sure to clean, declutter and downsize your home first. Since you have children, you probably have all sorts of junk lying around every corner of the house. Involve the children in the process of decluttering. Cleaning room by room is the best way to go. But, remember to talk to your children before getting rid of some of their stuff. There are a couple of ways to declutter your home together with your children. One of the ways is to have a lot of bins and boxes around you, which have a certain purpose. These purposes can be :

  • Keep Box – This is for all the toys, books, games, and clothes that your children want to keep with them. Try to encourage them to leave as much as possible, and in return, you can promise them something new when you settle in your new home.
  • Donate Box – This is for all the items that your children do not use any more. All the clothes that are outgrown should be donated to some charitable organization. Aks your children if they would like to donate some of their old toys as well.
  • Give Away Box – If you have some relatives or friends with small kids, maybe you can give them some of the stuff your child no longer uses.
  • Trash Box – This is simple. All that is damaged, broken or completely not useful should go into this box. Do not get too sentimental. Life s simpler with less.

Research the New Place

Before moving with children, you need to make a few visits to your new home. Make sure that one of those visits is with your children. Give them a tour of your new home. That will make them feel excited about the move. Besides the house, try to explore your new neighborhood. Visit a couple of schools that are in your neighborhood, and see which ones are the most suitable for your children. You can also invite some of your neighbors for a cup of coffee. Moreover, if you already what the road is like and you are familiar with the new place, you can also avoid any injuries on the moving day.

A family house ready for moving with children to be done.
If the children get a glimpse of their new home, they will feel more excited about moving soon.

Make Room Plans

After visiting your new home and knowing how big it is, you can start making plans. Tell your children that they can pick whichever room they want and pick their own furniture as well. Deciding about decorations and room colors is fun for everybody. You can visit some local furniture stores to see if there are any bargains. You do not have to spend too much on room decorations. If you have teenagers, you can set a budget and let them tackle their own rooms. They can choose linens, rugs or cushions. However, if you have younger kids, try to think of a project you can do together. Encourage them to shop at thrift stores.

Host a “See You Soon” Party

As previously mentioned, it is extremely hard for children to leave their comfort zones. And those comfort zones usually include familiar places, friends and family. So, to make things a little bit easier for everybody, try organizing a party for them. Invite all of your children’s classmates, neighbors, and family. Maybe you can also prepare some of your family’s favorite meals. Get some party decorations, and play some music. You can also make this a fun event by organizing some games, like Twister. Also, during the party, make sure that everybody exchanges their contact information. That includes phone numbers and social media accounts. Talking over Skype can really help when your child starts feeling nostalgic.

Kids playing.
Do not forget to take as many, many photos. Together with your child, you can make a memory book.

Be ‘Touristy’ at Your New Place

Make sure to hire some moving company, like Empire State Moving, they will take care of all of your chores like packing, heavy lifting and transporting your belongings. Also, they can help you settle in much faster. So, after all the relocation process is complete, try to explore your new city and neighborhood. Visit the local park with your kids, or if there is a beach nearby, you have a picnic there. Choose fun activities for your kids. These first days are the most important. Make moving with children a fun experience for everybody.


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