Moving to the countryside can be challenging and, quite frankly, exhausting as much as it can be rewarding in the long run. Especially if you are currently living in a big city such as New York or Chicago. Such a change will definitely take some adjusting. That is why you need to devote time and thought to the process and one way to do that is making a pro and con list. We are here to help you and make the decision of moving to the country a bit easier.

Moving to the country entails many different aspects
Moving to the country can be challenging as it is rewarding

Pros of moving to the country

There are certainly many reasons why you are currently thinking about moving to the country. Perhaps you think that you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle of big cities and you simply need a change of pace. Perhaps you great-great-grandmother left you a large inheritance and you felt this is a sign you should devote yourself to your woodworking business, somewhere off the grid. (We know this is a bit far-fetched, but that does not mean that it is not possible!) Here are some pros of why you should move to the countryside.

The pros list:

  • Space, space, space. In the countryside, it is more likely that you will have a large yard, which is great for families or people with pets. It is even great if you decide to tend to some farm animals, such as goats or sheep. Other communities, even in the suburbs, usually have certain restrictions and do not allow farm animals. But hey, that is what the countryside is for.
  • Clean air. Let’s be real. If you do decide to move to any of the vast numbers of rural areas, your lungs will appreciate it greatly. Especially if you live in some of the most polluted cities in the US. An additional bonus is that there is no light pollution and at night, you can actually go stargazing. However, it is not uncommon to have factories in rural areas. That is why, prior to moving, you should check are there any factories in the area.
  • Lower cost of living. This is especially applicable if you are moving to the country from a large city. Big cities are notoriously expensive, compared to cities. In most rural areas, the housing is cheaper and the overall prices are usually significantly lower.
  • Privacy. If you like to keep your life quiet and away from curious neighbors than the country is the right choice. People who live in rural areas tend to mind their own business more than people in the suburbs.

    A person sitting on a hill at night
    In the country, you can often go stargazing
  • A slower pace of life. Life is slower in the countryside and that is a fact. A slower pace of life means less stress and less stress leads to better overall health. Also, if less stress is your thing, you can even make the moving process less stressful with a few sound tips.

Cons of moving to the country

As dizzy as the thought of that much clean air is making you, you need to take a step back and take the drawbacks of such a decision into consideration. Even though it may sound good on paper initially, first you need to answer this question: Is moving to the country really and truly for you? Here are some drawbacks that you may not have considered yet.

The cons list:

  • Longer commute. Unless you work from home, this can be quite a problem. And this is providing you even find a job first since job opportunities are much scarcer in rural areas than in cities or even the suburbs. Our advice is if you are already set on moving to the country, to first get a job, and then move. It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you do get a job and move, you will most likely also have to get a car, which is something that will definitely have an impact on your wallet.
  • Fewer healthcare options. Many rural areas have a single doctor tending to everyone’s needs. It is vastly different than in the city, where there are at least two or three good, even excellent hospitals for whatever may happen. If you have any pre-existing conditions, be thorough in your investigation of possible places for your move. After all, your health and the health of your family should always come first.

    A car on a road in the countryside
    Driving everywhere can be tedious
  • Less entertainment. Aside from stargazing and walking, there usually aren’t any particular forms of entertainment in your vicinity. Restaurants and bars are usually far away and the selection is limited. You will probably have to go everywhere by car. This is a bit different than simply going to any of the numerous bars in your block alone, isn’t it?
  • Limited shopping options. Again, this has to do with distance. If there are options, they are usually farther away and it takes time to get there, making it possibly a tedious chore. No more simply going to the store if you feel like snacking. You will simply have to drink your coffee without cream (oh, the horror!) and resign to a healthier, snack-free life (double the horror!).

Some more advice

In addition to the previous things we listed, try to take all aspects of your decision into consideration. (We know this can be a nuisance, but it is something that needs to be done.) For instance, if you decide to move, this requires dedicating plenty of time for the actual organization of the move and the preparation. This, in turn, can cause additional stress or take up time that you currently simply do not have. In that case, it is better to postpone the move for a more convenient time in your life. Try not to do anything hasty. Whether you decide that moving to the country is for you or not, we urge you to think about your next big step thoroughly.

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