Sudbury is a big city in Ontario, CA, located in the northern part. It has beautiful green places, parks, forests, woodlands, more than 290 lakes, restaurants, and a great real estate market. If you are moving to Sudbury, Canada this year, thenyou should be prepared. That way, you will adjust much faster after the relocation is over. Especially if it is a long-distance move and you are coming from the USA. Moving from the USA to Canada is a complex process, and researching is a part of it.

Sudbury is not that big as Toronto, but it has a lot to offer

Things to know before moving to Sudbury, Canada

To move with ease, there are things to learn about Sudbury. It is a big city with a population of almost 165,000. So, it has a lot to offer to its residents, which is why people choose to move to Sudbury. 

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Be prepared and learn all the important facts before your first relocation


Most people move to Sudbury, Ontario because of job opportunities. This city is one of the greenest and smartest cities in the world. The job market is growing in almost every field, even in film and television. The unemployment rate is 5.3% and it would be perfect if you could find a job even before you have moved there.


The weather is amazing, the humid continental climate is perfect for living and having all the outdoors activities. That means that summers are hot and winters are snowy and cold. So, you will have everything, sun, rain, ice, snow, and wind. To prepare for moving to Canada, pack all your clothing for each season.


If you are moving for education, or you are moving with kids to Sudbury, exploring schools is your priority. Luckily, elementary and high schools are highly rated here. Beside that, it has amazing colleges too. Schools offer education in English and French.

Costs of living

You are moving for the first time and if you have never been to Sudbury before, you should calculate how much your monthly costs will be after moving. Money is a big factor when you’re switching cities, especially when moving to a different country.

  • Beside rent, you will pay utilities. Electricity, water, heating, cooling, gas, cable TV, internet, etc. For example, utilities for two people living in an 85 square meter apartment will be about $155 plus $40 for the internet, for one month in Sudbury.
  • How will you commute to work and back? A monthly ticket for public transportation is $60 and one liter of gas is $0.9
  • Private childcare monthly for one kid can be between $360 and $680, depending on childcare.
  • Of course, when moving to Sudbury, Canada, getting a job is an important step. The average net salary is $2,245 after all the taxes.

Finding a home in Sudbury, CA

The ideal situation is to find a home even before moving to Sudbury, Canada. When you choose a neighborhood there, you should choose a home and see what you can offer. Which homes are in your price range.

House for sale
Find a home in Sudbury, but if you are renting, rent a smaller apartment first, until you learn how to manage monthly costs

The median home rental price in this part of Ontario is about $1,100 in an expensive area, but if you choose an affordable neighborhood in Sudbury, the average rent is $780. These prices are for apartments of 85 square meters or 900 square feet. If your budget is not that big, then rent a smaller home and the rest of the items you have packed, you can store in a storage unit. It is a cheaper option and you can still keep everything. Just find an affordable storage company in Ontario and you can save money when moving.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a home there, the average home price is $284,000. But, the prices are going up. For example, one year ago, prices were about 0.4% cheaper than now. If you are able to do so, visit Sudbury before moving there, and choose your future home.

Packing your items for the Sudbury relocation

How to pack for moving to Sudbury, how to prepare? Packing is one of the major parts of the moving process and an emotional one too. Many people get emotional when packing because they want to pack everything they own. But, something needs to be left behind. For example, you do not need too much summer clothes.

Pack the most important items and items that have emotional value. First, declutter your home and separate all the items. The less items you have, the less will the relocation cost.

What to do with all your belongings after moving to Ontario? If you did not find a home yet, or your home does not have enough space for all of your household items, you can find a place to store your household belongings, either temporary or permanently.

Moving boxes for moving to Sudbury, Canada
Declutter before you pack and decide what to toss and what to move

Hiring a company for moving to Sudbury, Canada

After doing all that research on Sudbury, and after making the final decision where and when to move, it is time to book a moving company that will help you relocate there (long or short distance, depending on where you are from). So, it is time for a different type of research. Finding a reliable mover is a big step to take and you should explore all the details. Search social media, get recommendations, surf online, visit websites such as and you eventually learn everything about the company you will hire.


When moving for the first time, it can be really stressful. Moving to Sudbury, Canada is no different. But, when you know what to expect, it is easier. Luckily, today is easy to get information on cities and countries you are moving to or visiting. Good luck with your first moving and remember to stay calm.

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