Deciding where you’ll move next can be a real challenge. Apart from the usually arduous process of relocation, you’ll need to take into consideration a lot of things about your destination. So, in order to make your next relocation location a bit easier to choose, here are some pros and cons of moving to Hoboken, New Jersey. Read on and find out if this Jersey town is the best place for you!

Consider before you move

Before you call your moving professionals and decide what to pack when moving, you’ll need to consider the place you’re moving to. Every location might seem attractive if you’re trying to get away from a boring town. However, every place might seem dull if you’re moving out of a city you really like. You’ll need to disregard your feeling when relocating though. Sure, a bit of subjectivity can help you decide between a few interesting places, but you’ll need to base your main decision on fact and research. So, when looking for the next place you’ll move to, consider:

  • Opportunity – no use in moving to a new town if your lifestyle isn’t going to improve. Your relocation is going to be a difficult process, both physically and emotionally. Don’t set upon this journey if you won’t be able to land a job or find a good home at your new location.
  • Accessibility – is your new location isolated and cut out from the world? Unless you’re really looking for this in particular, we suggest you avoid these locations. It’s good for your new home to be well connected with the rest of the country. This is one of the main reasons why moving to Hoboken is a great idea.
  • Social environment – don’t move to places where the social environment is unhealthy. Intolerance, extremist groups, and radical social justice warriors make even the most beautiful location uninhabitable.
  • Environment – not in the global sense, but in the local one. Is the water healthy to drink there? If it’s not, you might spend a fortune always getting bottled water.

Pros for moving to Hoboken

Every place has good and bad sides, however, we’re happy to say that with moving to Hoboken, the pros far outweigh the cons. This place offers a lot of interesting opportunities which can rival even its vaunted neighbor – NYC. In addition to this, if you’re moving with your pet, this Jersey town will be much better than the crowded New York.

The food

Hoboken is a paradise for your average comfort food lover. Not only are the prices generally lower than in the neighboring cities, but the choice of cuisines is amazing! Even though this isn’t the most important advantage of this town, we felt obliged to mention it first because the experience is really unique. You’ll never see as many great food places in such a small space.

burger and fries as one of the pro sides of moving to Hoboken
One of the greatest advantages of moving to Hoboken.

More for your dollar

One of the greatest advantages of moving to Hoboken is that you’ll get more for your money than in any of the neighboring cities. This can be especially good if you keep your NYC job after the move. You’ll be making a Manhattan salary and living in a town which is cheaper by at least 20%. Whether it’s food, gas, entertainment, or a place of living, Hoboken has great prices. So, if you’re planning to cut back on some of your living costs, contact the best Hoboken based moving professionals for the job and schedule your moving day.

dollar bill on white background
Lower prices and the similar lifestyle make Hoboken a great city to move to.

Walk anywhere

Another amazing advantage of this Jersey town is that you can walk anywhere in it. This is an extremely important pro for all those who moved here from New York. Manhattan dwellers are used to walking everywhere and hate waiting for transportation. Well, in Hoboken, you don’t even need a car! Since the city is condensed on the area of a little over a square mile, you’ll have no issues living without a car!

Amazing transportation to the City

As far as proximity is concerned, Hoboken is very well connected. You can reach New York’s downtown in less than an hour. Which basically means you’ll get there before people from Brooklyn or the Bronx. Also, if you want to travel internationally, JFK is really close and easily reachable by water or roads.

train station in the evening
Train, bus, boat or car. All roads will get you to NYC really quickly.

The cons

Unfortunately, no place is completely perfect and according to everyone’s standards. Thus, we cannot say that Hoboken only has the best to offer. For certain people, this will be a great new home. For others though, this may not be the case. We all know how New Yorkers can be religiously attached to the City, so relocating from it might not be the best choice for you. Thus, you should find out if your Hoboken relocation is going to be worth your while. Get an online moving estimate and plan your budget to see if you’ll save money by moving to Hoboken and continuing to work in NYC.

The food (again)

Considering how many awesome and legendary places like Johhny Rockets there are in Hoboken, it’s really hard not to get super fat super fast. Even though comfort food is delicious it’s not always good for you. Especially if you eat it for every meal every day. This will be really easy to do in Hoboken. So you’ll need to be very careful not to let it happen to you. Remember, you’re moving to Hoboken to get a better lifestyle, not to spend all your free time exercising to burn those burger carbs.

Not really Manhattan

Unfortunately, Hoboken is not NYC. This may not seem like a big issue for most of the people moving to Hoboken, but it may surprise you. Giving up the Big Apple lifestyle, but still remaining close enough to taste it can be hard. Especially if you have friends in the City. Crossing the river for every night out could be a bigger challenge than you’d think. However, if you’re planning on saving some money this commute may not be a bad idea. Besides, if you learn how to make your new city a home, you’ll be happy to commute to NYC and back every night.

Manhattan view from park
You might miss the Big Apple if you’re love the City lifestyle.


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