Did you ever consider moving to Chicago? We all know that Chicago is in Illinois. As a state, Illinois is so interesting and diverse that it even has several nicknames like Prairie State,  Land of Lincoln. Central Illinois features many small cities and towns. The large presence of agriculture in this region is the main reason for The Prairie State moniker. Main cities and towns are Springfield, Peoria, Quincy, Blooming ton-Normal, Champaign-Urbana. Southern Illinois has a warmer winter climate than its central and northern neighbors. Main towns and cities are  St.Louis, Mo, Evansville, Ind., Marion, Carbondale, Herrin. They are also key contributors to the region’s economy. We come to Northern Illinois which is known as the Chicagoland area, made up of the Windy City and its suburbs. The Windy City stretches along the shores of Lake Michigan. It is home to 65 percent of the total population of Illinois.

Beautiful Lake Micigen
You will find the beautiful Lake Michigan here.

Find a reliable moving company for moving to Chicago

If your move is interstate, or you are planning to move to Chicago from a very distant city or state, find the right company for that specificity. You will need to find a reliable long-distance moving company. It would be a good idea to ask first your colleagues, friends and family members for a recommendation. Among them must be someone who was recently moved. You can get an honest recommendation and helpful advice from them, and it could also make your plans about moving to Chicago much easier and less stressful. The Internet is a place where you can find useful information as well. You need to be prepared and aware of all the detailed information and items that should not be left out. Good preparation will mean less headache and stress during your move.

Chicago skyline.
Moving to Chicago is a great decision.

Save your budget

Put an effort and give your best to find a good, reputable and licensed moving company. Try to avoid start-ups that only have positive comments in reviews, so good they sound almost unreal. It would be great to find cheap movers in Chicago, who can take a cafe of your belongings. If they don’t have the experience and the free estimates, you could lose money.

After you do research and between many reviews finally found a few companies you think you can rely on, make sure they are licensed. Try to find reliable movers and a good moving company with a crew who has a necessary experience could save you from stress. Moving to Chicago will be easier for you with the presence of good movers, they can save you money and time. And the most important thing, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of your belongings.

Relocating to Chicago

You will certainly not dare to decide to relocate blindly and hope for the best. After New York and Los Angeles, Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest. Chicago is for sure cleaner than a New York City, and more nicer and impressive than Los Angeles. A wonderful place to live for everyone who wants to be in the center of the action without the cost of the stress of a bigger city. If you looking for a city where is possible to find good jobs and ample public transportation, you’re in a good way. You will be amazed by impressive architecture, cosmopolitan atmosphere, magnificent skyscrapers. Delighted by your impressions about nightlife, food, lakefront, museums, and art, you will not resist in front of this beautiful city. The city is inviting, where residents enjoy a productive and comfortable quality of life.

Skyscrapers and skyline
Prepare for an amazing and diverse city!

Choose a home by your taste

If you are planning a relocation to Chicago, you should know that it is a renter’s city. It’s rare to find real estate with prices that even come close to being reasonable. That’s why you need to consider renting instead of buying, and it would be quite advisable to search for a roommate. This is a great way to make your first friend. Whether you’re moving to Chicago alone or with your family, renting or buying a home is easier than you think. When it comes to senior moving, it doesn’t have to be hard if you plan well. On our site, you can find good advice and guidance for senior-movement. Make sure that even elderly members of your family feel comfortable during a move. Temporary apartment or a forever home, Chicago offers the best combination of affordability and availability.

Your neighborhood in Chicago according to your character

There is a place for everyone in one of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods in nine districts. More then half areas like Lakefront, North Side, Downtown, West Side, and South Side will attract you because of a lot of green space. You will be able to go for long strolls in a green area close to your home. Each of the districts offers its mix of attractions, culture, history, and personality. Chicago also has a simple street numbering system which is one of the world’s simplest ways to get around. There is a place for everyone, for every taste and budget.

Get ready to survive a Chicago blizzard winter

No matter where are you came from, Chicago weather will influence your commute and life. Hence, moving to Chicago could turn into a nightmare if you didn’t hear about the weather. Winters in Chicago can be colder and brutal more than you even expect. It is named Windy City for a reason, and you will be sure of it in January when the wind coming from all directions. Don’t you dare move to this city without pre-packed heavy blankets, winter jackets, pair of waterproof boots. Don’t forget your heavy coat, winter hat, scarf, and gloves either. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately. You will almost certainly need to have several layers of clothing.

Get used to living without your car

Unfortunately, so many cities and towns got a similar problem. There is not much space for parking, and even if you do manage to find a spot, it will be very expensive. You have other options when it comes to transit. Consider getting a bike after moving to Chicago. Maybe biking is your best option. It is a very convenient, fast, and cheap way to get to your destination. If you decide to leave your car behind, get to know all the advantages of the Chicago Transit Authority or CTA can get you to every corner of the city without a problem.

Unforgettable weekends

Chicago is very competitive and if you want to work here, you need to do your best. Surely, you will not have enough free time during working days. But don’t worry about it, your weekends are a great opportunity to spend an amazing time and enjoy all that this city offers.

Amazing Chicago
There is a lot to do in Chicago.

Our warm recommendation:

  • Sports event- you can choose a different favorite sports games ( Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks );
  • Try out the authentic food- Chicago Hot Dog with mustard, Deep Dish Pizza, Italian Beef Sandwich, Barbecue, Italian Food…;
  • Enjoy some art and culture – Museum of Science and Industry, The Field Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago;
  • Broadway in Chicago.

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