Life in Texas can be more than just good. The second-largest state in the United States is well-known by its nickname Lone Star State. The rich culture and the relatively affordable housing and it’s no wonder people are amazed living in the Lone Star State. If you are living in Texas and planning to move to Chicago for some reason, we are here for you. Moving to Chicago from Texas can be an exciting endeavor. Whether you’re relocating to start a new career, live closer to friends, or for a change of pace, you can rely on our help. Here at the US Moving Experts, we want your experience to be seamless and hassle-free from start to finish. You can rest assured that your items and belongings will be in good hands with our skilled Chicago professional movers leading the way.

Moving to Chicago from Texas

Chicago is the third-largest city in the country. Cleaner than New York City and more beautiful than Los Angeles, it is one of the best places where you can live. Like other major cities, Chicago has its challenges. But if you spend some time here and you will start to see why Chicagoans love their city. The clear and open lakefront, affordability, and many transportation options. Each neighborhood has something special, from historic theaters to baseball stadiums. There are many secrets to discover that make living here fun. Where the chocolate-scented air comes from in River North? How to find the tamale man in Logan Square? What part of Jackson Park has a cherry blossom grove? Chicagoans have ways that make winter survivable and summer incredible. Unquestionable, soon you will be in love with Windy City indeed.

Dallas, Texas
Say goodbye to Texas and hello to Chicago.

Plan well when moving to Chicago from Texas

Moving is demanding, even if it is just around the corner. No matter how difficult and overwhelming a moving process can be, there always is a way to make it easier for you. Consequently, take time and plan thoroughly. Creating your own moving checklist will save you from skipping important items and tasks. You will feel more relaxed during your move if you prepare everything on time.

To do list
Creating moving checklists is always a good idea.

Hire reliable movers for moving to Chicago from Texas

Air travel distance between Texas and Chicago is equal to 959 miles. According to this, it will be necessary to hire long-distance movers. In this case, your whole experience can become much more enjoyable. But hiring professional movers brings costs so pay attention to your moving budget. The price of the moving service will depend on your needs and the weight of your belongings. Not only it is time to get rid of useless things but also it will reduce moving costs. Bring with you only items you need for sure in your new home. Conversely all other useless stuff you should sell or donate to charities. Furthermore, you will have more space for packing in your current home if you declutter before relocation.

Choose a home by your taste

There is not any single reason to worried about finding a perfect home that suits you. Whether you’re moving to Chicago from Texas alone or with your family, renting or buying a home is easier than you think. There are many different services ways of going about finding an apartment in Windy City. Additionally, just walk around in neighborhoods you’re interested in. Because a lot of times landlords use to post signs directly on apartments with contact information. Accordingly to recent studies, Chicago’s housing market is probably the best combination of affordability and availability in North America. So consider your needs and priorities and enjoy searching for your new home.

Moving to Chicago from Texas
Choose the perfect between so many beautiful homes in Chicago.

Pick a neighborhood in Chicago according to your character

Chicago’s 77 community areas are split up into nine districts and over 200 neighborhoods. You will easily get used to a lot of green spaces in most neighborhoods. The lakefront trail is 18.5 miles long, and Chicago has 600 parks. Besides parks, there are 70 nature and bird sanctuaries, and a total of 8,800 acres of green space. There are many lovely Chicago neighborhoods and it will be hard to decide which is best for you. Windy City is a perfect solution if you are looking for the best neighborhoods for families. Many of its neighborhoods attract families of all ages because of their proximity to good public schools. This city also has many zoos, aquariums, world-class museums, and art galleries. Temporary apartment or a forever home, Chicago offers the best solutions to its newcomers and residents.

Get used to living without a personal vehicle

Your transportation will probably consist of anything but a personal vehicle. Unfortunately, so many major cities got a similar problem. There is not enough space for parking. Otherwise, using a parking spot in Chicago could be expensive. Maybe the best advice is to get rid of your car. Instead of being behind a wheel for hours, you should pick a better transit option in Chicago. After you decide to leave your car behind, get to know all the advantages of the Chicago Transit Authority. CTA can get you to every corner of the city without a problem.

Moreover, you have other options when it comes to transit. Biking is a part of the culture here. Biking being cheap and efficient, you can count it for getting you to your destination in the least amount of time possible. Get a bike after you move to Chicago and enjoy the fresh air and relaxation during the ride.

Chicago food

Who does not like tasty food? Moving to Chicago from Texas will be marked with full of tastes, indeed. Chicago is famous for its delicious food. Moreover, Windy city is without a doubt one of the world’s best cities for food. The city has 7,500 restaurants, so you will find any culinary experience you search for. The city prides itself on its gastronomic diversity and excellence. Additionally, there’s also an unbeatable modern food scene meshing the line between dining and entertainment. Above all, the city is most famous for its deep-dish pizza and Chicago Dog.

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