Chicago’s lifestyle, moderate costs of living and good traffic system, make it the place where everyone wants to move. When talking about moving, it is easy to agree that it can be very difficult. This especially goes for long distance moving. It is a great idea to move here due to financial experiences in other cities. Consider moving to Chicago if you wish to experience peace, but still feel like living in an urban area. Moving to Chicago from LA can be very exciting, but still requires good planning. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. This is why we are here today for a small comparison and to explain why Chicago is the city for you. Let’s start at the beginning.

 Before moving to Chicago from LA, find a reliable moving company

Hiring good movers is a very important task when planning a big move. Only the professional movers have as much experience with long runs and the equipment they might need. Moving firms usually offer the service of moving the items only, or packing and then moving services, all together with moving insurance. On average, moving to Chicago from LA for a one-bedroom apartment costs around $2.600. On the other hand, the costs of moving larger apartments can go up to $10.000. Prepare a moving budget and calculate all the costs needed. Keep in mind that in case you have some valuable items that need packing, you should leave it to the experts. To save yourself the time and energy while doing this, here is what you need to look for:

  • Check online for reviews of your chosen company before hiring them
  • Compare all the individual costs of the move. All costs should have an average amount after estimating the loa
  • Carefully study the contract and the moving insurance policy
  • Learn how to recognize reliable movers out there. Plenty of subtle red flags can expose a rogue mover.

Things you need to know about the city

If you want the feeling of a busy, urban community, but do not wish for the hassle of a bigger city, Chicago is a great place for you. Being the largest city in the Midwest, it has a certain sense of humbleness deep in the roots. Even tho there is no direct access to the coast, the lakefront makes up for a large part of the city life. Not only does it offer a lot of activities, it is a nice escape from the summer heat. There are just a few pieces of information you need so you can come to the Windy City prepared.

Quality of living

On average, the total cost for a single bedroom apartment is much cheaper in Chicago than in Los Angeles. Taken from many samples over an extended period of time, the average comes out at $1.800. As far as education goes, in comparison to Los Angeles who has two, Chicago has a total of twenty-four universities to choose from. This is a great thing if you are looking to advance in your studies. In terms of supplies and groceries, Chicago is only slightly cheaper. For example, the average price of milk comes to 78c, while in Los Angeles it is around 97c.

men playing baseball in a stadium
You will quickly get sucked into the excitement of the sports scene in Chicago

In terms of leisure, Chicago doesn’t have so many museums to offer, but it makes up for it in sports. We are talking about stadiums, arenas, and similar things. Even if your inner sports fan is asleep, Chicago will make sure to awaken him and ignite your fire. Get to know the legendary Bulls, and the old Cubs versus Bears rivalry.

Transportation is so effective

In both cities, the monthly public transport card costs about a hundred dollars. However, in Chicago, there has been a lower recorded rate of “commuter pain”. This term refers to the overall price of gas, total time spent in traffic, stress while driving, and many other issues commuters may face. With this, you can say goodbye to the LA road rage and relax. Your transportation arsenal will most likely consist of everything but a car. With the Chicago Transit Authority, which covers every corner of the city, you have many ways to get around town.

When moving to Chicago from LA, be mindful of the weather

This is the biggest concern when it comes to long distance moves. Unlike Los Angeles with the warmer, festive summer weather, Chicago is known for strong winter winds that chill the bone. The weather is one of the main inspirations for the city’s nickname, the Windy City. In fact, it gets to a level where schools are known to have as many cold days as they do snow days, when kids don’t go to school. This is simply due to the fact that it just is not safe for kids to go outside. Combat this by dressing properly. Layers of clothing and waterproof boots are your main weapon. A single heavy coat and a hat simply won’t be enough.

city skyline in heavy winter after moving to Chicago from LA

Given these facts, always be prepared. If you own a vehicle, make sure you have all the needed gear, such as gloves, a snow brush, and jumper cables. However, winter isn’t the only season Chicago is known for. Summer is when everyone wakes up from hibernation fresh and energized. The period from May to October is known as the Festival season. With over 150 events, nearly every Chicago neighborhood organizes a local fair to celebrate their local music scene, food, and cultural heritage.

Find the neighborhood that will define you the best

Before moving to Chicago from LA, it is important to choose the best possible neighborhood to settle in. Separated into 77 neighborhoods grouped up in 9 districts, is what defines the backbone of the city. Each district nurtures its own mix of culture, attractions, and history. New or old, residents stay loyal to their neighborhoods deeply, so carefully choose where you want to settle down.

  • North – The Northern neighborhoods of Chicago are very desirable and youthful. From listening to live jazz in Uptown, to watching a Cubs game down in Wrigleyville, there will always be something to do.
  • Downtown – This is the home of all tourist attractions. The famous “Bean” in Millenium Park, art galleries and the historical Theater District, and cocktail lounges on Michigan avenue.
  • West – If you’re looking for a more of an eclectic vibe, the West Side has you covered. From the beautiful churches of Wicker Park, over stunning murals and monuments, to dining in ethnic restaurants.
  • South – In the South Side, you will find a wide palette of social and cultural happenings. Diversity runs deep from Chinatown’s authentic oriental cuisine, to the Bronzeville monuments as well as the Musem Campus located in South Loop.
man standing next to a motorcycle with a dog
Every Chicago neighborhood has a unique personality which will charm you

A few closing words

From the rich cultural landscape to the birthplace of skyscrapers, it is very easy to fall in love with Chicago. However, moving to Chicago from LA isn’t just a fast trip down the highway. There are many things to prepare for, like the weather and the wide variety of local cultures mixing beautifully. With the most professional movers in Chicago, your move from the coast will be a breeze. With the stresses of the move out of the way and your goods in the hands of capable movers, you’re all free to absorb the magic that is Chicago.

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