What to do if you have to move quickly and you did not have time to prepare? Moving on a short notice can be very stressful, more stressful than a regular move. So, you definitely need some tips on how to do it right and quickly. It is normal to feel pressure, stress and to be nervous. But, try to stay calm because stress is not going to help you, for sure.

What do you need for moving on a short notice?

Checklist for moving on a short notice.
Crete a checklist, because it is easy to forget something when you hurry.

Sometimes you do not have time for planning. Some things you have to do immediately. So, list your items and create order. Separate a few hours to make an order. You maybe think it will take your precious time, but actually, it will save your time. Let’s start.

Get organized

When you do not have a lot of time to prepare for moving, you can easily make a mess. Stress also can disrupt the plan. The solution for that is to get organized. Make a list before you start with any job. Sit down, get a paper and the pen and write down your plan, your to-do list. The organization is the key. Including things from organizing your documents to setting up childcare (if you have kids). Also, make a timeline. This is very important because you do not have much time. When you are moving on a short notice, the time is limited.

Hire a moving company

Immediately call moving companies. They are already booked, but maybe they have last-minute offers. If you have nobody who can recommend you a good and reliable moving company, visit bestmoversinflorida.com. Contact them and their professional workers will quickly move your furniture. You need a company with the experience and a company which is quick. Best Movers Florida is that type of moving company. But, when you look for movers pay attention to:

  • License and insurance. In a hurry, you can easily forget the most important things. That’s why you need a list when moving on a short notice.
  • Is it the company reliable? When you give someone your valuable belongings, you must trust them. Check everything and use all the time you have.
  • Get referrals from the past clients.

DIY moving if you have time and experience

If you did not find any company or you cannot afford one, you can always move your items by yourself. But, if it a move overseas, try your best to find a moving company. That’s our advice. If it is short-distance move, you may easily transport your items without movers. Pack your items and furniture and load it into a truck. You can rent a truck or a van to transport your furniture. Some people rent a trailer. Put the heavy and large boxes first, then the smaller. Of course, this is not a solution if you have no experience in driving.

Start with packing as soon as you can

Find a lot of boxes. Many people do not realize how many items they have. Start with packing immediately when you know that you will move. Collect packing materials too such as bubble foil and newspaper. You can use blankets and towels and garbage bags too. Get rid of unnecessary items. You can donate them or throw them away because probably you will not have time to organize a yard sale and to sell them. Pack every day a few boxes, do not wait the last day. Moving day will be a mess without preparing, get some tips for your moving day and do it right.

Labeling moving boxes.
Label each box. It is definitely worth it, trust us.

Label all your boxes. This is a simple job which will take from you just a couple of seconds. But, when you will unpack your boxes, you will see how it is helpful. Not just for unpacking. For example, if you label your box ” fragile”, you will not put that box under all boxes into a truck. That box with fragile items will have a special treatment and place in the moving truck. Best Movers Florida could pack all your boxes quickly if you do not have for that.

Do not forget to pack the essential box. Here you should have the most important items for the first day after moving. Such as scissors, toothpaste, shampoo, underwear, t-shirts, snacks, soap, cleaning supplies, first aid kit, etc. Each person in the family should pack his/her own essential box.

Ask friends for help

Do not be shy to ask your friends or family for help. They can be with your kids while you are packing or to help you with cleaning. Any help is welcome at this point. It is hard to do everything alone. You will be finished much faster and time is very valuable now. Order a pizza or burgers and get on a job. Also, during packing, you can get so emotional and you will not throw away anything. Friends will help you to not lose your mind. Organize your move with them, because it is much easier when you have someone to give you an advice.

Goodbye party

Spend time with your friend and family and organize a party. Think about yourself and have a little fun. Give them your contact to stay in touch. Because you are moving so fast, they maybe do not have an idea that you are moving. It is a great way to tell them that.

Glasses with drinks. Party time.
If you already have packed everything, go to the bar, club or restaurant and celebrate your new life in a new home with your friends and family.

Now when you know how to get prepare for a moving on a short notice and how to do it right, you will have stressless move and you will do everything on time. Good luck with your move. And remember, calm down and get organized.

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