Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became a very popular country for people all around the world in the past few decades. Most of them come here because of career and job opportunities. Moving from US to Saudi Arabia is a huge change and a big decision, but if you want to move then, you should be fully prepared. Luckily, we can help with a moving guide and you will relocate with ease. So, let’s start immediately.

How to prepare for overseas relocation?

First of all, Saudi Arabia is friendly to expats, so you do not have to worry about that. But, you have other concerns such as moving costs, finding a new home, adjusting to a new culture and country, different weather, tradition, saving money when you move, learning Arabic, etc. A lot of work to do and a big step to take, the best advice for you, is to be prepared.

Get a visa

There are many types of visa you can get for moving from US to Saudi Arabia, but the most common one is a business visa and employment visa. Your passport must be valid for the next 6 months (at least) to apply for a visa. If you have been to Israel, your visa request will be probably denied. For all details, you must go to their embassy in the USA, and to get all the right information and to apply.

US passport
Collect all required documents for your relocation to KSA

Visit a doctor before relocating

Living in this part of Asia is totally different from living in the USA, of course. So, before you go to live in KSA, visit your doctor and get your vaccination. If you are moving with children, take them too and notify their doctor about relocation. MMR, tetanus, diphtheria, etc. and if you want to live there longer, consider vaccinations for hepatitis A and B, and meningitis. Your doctor will know what to do, so ask him/her for advice.

Packing for moving to KSA

Packing, one of the most stressing, sad, and boring part of any move, especially when you are moving overseas. If you are living in the north part of the USA, do not pack your winter clothing, because you will not definitely need it. Moving costs depends also on the weight and size of your household items, so do not move unnecessary items. If you do not have experience with packing or you do not have time, just hire assistance when moving in Bahrain and that’s it. Professionals will help you move with ease.

The best cities in KSA for Americans

Where people from America live when they come to Saudi Arabia? Well, some of the most popular cities are Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam, but it depends on where your family lives or where your new job is. When we talk about opportunities for the Americas, these 3 places are one of the tops of the list.

Things to know before moving from US to Saudi Arabia

The best way to be prepared for this big move is to prepare in advance. So, while you are still in the USA, get to know and explore this amazing country.  To move with ease and stress-free, learn some facts and you will adjust faster after moving.

Saudi Arabia is a birthplace of Islam

You should be open, flexible, and ready to make compromises when moving from US to Saudi Arabia. Religion is a huge part of living there. Some areas are more conservative, but places with a lot of expats are not that much. A law is following the Quran, so you should know that consuming alcohol, pork meat, drugs is forbidden.

A Mosque in Mecca
Learn about a new religion and tradition before you start to live there

The climate

A climate may be one of the biggest problems, especially during the summer. Prepare for really hot and sunny days. Most residents are outside when the Sun goes down. When the Ramadan comes (Muslims do not eat and drink during the day), there are only a few people on the street. Temperatures can be 50°C, maybe you are used to it if you are from Nevada, but keep in mind that you cannot just take the clothing off and jump to a pool.

Forbidden items to import in KSA

When you pack or ship goods to Saudi Arabia, you should have a list of forbidden items. Some items are not allowed no matter where you move (such as hazardous materials, weapon, plant, perishable food), but there are goods that are specifically forbidden for Muslim countries. Pork meat, alcohol, ornaments, military goods, etc.

A new dress code

After moving, you will have a cultural shock, and you are not the only one. different clothing, food, tradition, language, laws, habits, lifestyle, etc. Everything is different from living in the USA. Dress code is conservative, so when you are in public, pay attention to what you are wearing. If you are a woman, you should wear an abaya, not a hijab.

A drawing of a woman wearing hijab
You do not have to be covered if you are an expat, but you should know their rules and laws about clothing

A healthcare

Do not worry, because healthcare is excellent, but to be honest, a little bit pricy. There are many private and public hospitals and doctors are very qualified. Go to the USA embassy and they will give you contacts of doctors who speak English.

Hiring a moving company for moving to Saudi Arabia

When moving overseas, to a country where you do not anyone, a moving company is required. Also, it is one of the best ways to transport your belongings to KSA. Researching moving companies are part of the preparation, such as Four Winds Saudi Arabia.

A 5-stars service sign
Only top rated moving companies should be considered when moving to Saudi Arabia

A mover you will hire for moving from US to Saudi Arabia must be reliable, experienced, licensed, insured, and reputable. Do not choose a company just because the price is low, it is a red flag, also a very expensive company is not recommended. Pick wisely and the best company for your relocation.

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