Living in a beautiful Windy City more than amazing. Chicago is one of the most vibrant places where you can live. But life is unpredictable and sometimes we need to make changes. Moving from Chicago to Denver is your next step and you are not looking forward to it. Relocating 1000 miles west is a big challenge. And when it is about the long-distance move, we all know how demanding it can be. Everyone who moved a house recently will tell you how stressful it was. And the best advice you can get from Moving Experts US is to start early your preparations. Before you move, look into ways to meet Denver closely. Without a doubt, Denver is a city that can offer a lot to its residents. Denver is differing from Chicago in many ways. But still, it is so many reasons why you will like life in Denver.

Moving from Chicago to Denver

No one can’t deny that even a local moving is very complex. Hiring professional movers is always a good choice, especially when it is about a long-distance move. Are you moving because of a job opportunity or education? Or because of a better future for your family? No matter what the reason is, moving from Chicago to Denver is a good choice. Anyway, get yourself prepared for all the differences between these two cities. As you say goodbye to Chicago’s beaches, deep dishes, and skyline, a new chapter of life is in front of you. What is the best about Denver? Say hello to new adventures in Denver which is a city with amazing views. It will be easy to adjust to its smaller population compared to Chicago. Healthy job markets, enjoyable weather, and outdoor activities are some of the reasons to look forward to in the Mile High City.

Person in wooden balcony overlooking mountains
Get ready for Denver’s amazing views!

Hire a reliable moving company

You will enjoy discovering all the great facts about living in a Mile High City. But before you get there some important tasks need to be finished. Undoubtedly we are talking about a moving process. Undoubtedly we are talking about a moving process. Before you decide to hire a company, make a plan very carefully. As you move your home 1000 miles away, consider renting a storage unit for your items. For sure you don’t plan to bring with literally all items you own. Storage is an easy and convenient way of getting more space in your home and the opportunity to get rid of useless things.

Plan your budget

Hiring professional movers can be expensive. Particularly when it is about hiring long-distance movers. As well as that, planning and organization is the only way to save some money. Skipping the wrong choices is the best way not only to save your money but also to save your time and energy. So get informed about traits of reliable movers and avoid rogue movers. A high-quality moving company that can provide you with a safe and affordable move is the right decision. Not only they will take care of your belongings but also they will do it all very fast. Smooth relocation without damaged items sounds so good to be true. But it is very possible.

Start early preparation and plan your budget.

Get free moving quotes

Your next step is to find out the accurate amount of cost your move. It will inform you about the more precise cost of moving from Chicago to Denver. After you get free visual estimates from a few companies, compare them. But before you decide on the moving company you will hire, ask them about additional costs and fees. It is important for you to know all the details about services like packing, loading, unpacking and if they are included in the price of moving service.

What to expect when living in Denver

Although Chicago is a magnet for millennials, Denver is described as a millennial haven, too. Additionally, it is described as a young, hip and desirable city. Is it surprising the fact that 66% of the population in Denver is under the age of 44? If you think that only in Chicago is it possible to find the best neighborhood for millennials or families, you are wrong. The first step to becoming a Denverite is choosing a neighborhood that suits you. No matter which  Denver neighborhood you choose, you will enjoy incredible views. The metro is surrounded by 140 miles of panoramic mountain views, totaling 200 visible peaks.

Fewer people and more personal space for you

Denver, Colorado, is one of the best places in the USA you can pick to move in. With plenty of sunshine, the Rocky Mountain nearby, and the South Platte River in the area you are going to have a nice time, indeed. Differing from Chicago, Denver is also not a very culturally diverse city. Most of the population in Denver is Caucasian. This city has a population of about 716,000 which is less than Chicago’s population of 2.7 million. If you like idea living in a city more quiet than vibrant Windy City, you will like Denver. In this case, moving from Chicago to Denver is a perfect decision.

Moving from Chicago to Denver tips
It will be easy for you to adjust to the Denver lifestyle.

The weather is incredible

Once you adjust to the altitude, you will find the weather in Denver incredible. The Mile High City averages 245 sunny days, which is more than the Windy City that only averages 189. Moreover, you will surely experience warmer summer temperatures. Even though the summers are hotter here, they lack humidity witch it makes them more comfortable. On the other hand, being a Chicago resident means you are no stranger to the snow and blizzard winters. That is good for you because in Denver you can expect even more snow. Denver averages 57 inches of snow yearly compared to Chicago’s 37 inches, so get ready.

Less time commuting

Are you tired of wasting time in traffic? If you are we have good news. Moving from Chicago to Denver means spending less time behind the wheel. According to recent studies, Denver drivers lose 83 hours in congestion per year. Otherwise, Chicago drivers lose 138 hours. It means you will have more time to do what you want. Above all, you will spend less time commuting.

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