You’ve finally decided to move out of Chicago and your next station is Dallas? You and millions of other people had the same idea. If you didn’t know Dallas has one of the fastest-growing populations in the US. Among other things Dallas is also in the top 25 cities to live in, so it isn’t a surprise our Us moving experts Chicago have a lot of work on their hands through the year. It’s maybe a bit sad to say goodbye to the Windy City, but you’ll be amazed by what your new home has to offer. For that reason, we made a list of things that will be different for you when moving to Dallas from Chicago.

Moving from Chicago to Dallas – Taxes

When moving out of state it’s always a nice thing to compare the state you lived in and the state you’re going to live in in the future. In this case, you can feel happier as in Texas there is no personal income tax. That means you will be earning more money for the same amount of work. If that’s not enough good news for you then think about the combined tax rate. On one side is the Chicago combined tax rate that is a bit higher than 10%, while a Dallas resident has to pay just a little over 8% for the same tax. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but saving money is always a positive however small the number is.

Calculator with money in the background
Lower taxes in Dallas will help you save more money

Moving from Chicago to Dallas – Transportation

When it comes to transportation it really is a big factor when you’re moving. Especially people who have a job. If you look at the list of the cities that have the longest commute on average, Chicago is number 4 on that list. We know how bad traffic in Chicago can get, and our interstate movers Chicago maybe know it best. Well, a move to Dallas will speed your commute up. Chicago has an average of 35 minutes of average traffic, while Dallas has 25 minutes. Nobody likes to be in a car. Being less in traffic will probably make you feel better too.

Moving from Chicago to Dallas – Weather

Chicago has the nickname Windy City for a reason. But that’s not all. The winters know to get very cold in Chicago, and the summers are mild at best. On the other hand, looking at Dallas we have another picture. Even if Dallas really isn’t the hottest spot in the US it still has hot summers. The weather isn’t really the first reason people get into this long-distance move, but it can be a nice change. Especially when it comes to winters that are mild in Dallas when you compare them to the ones in Chicago. Also, Dallas has recorded around 40 more sunny days in comparison to Chicago, so be ready to welcome more sunshine in your home.

The sun shining
The weather in Texas is a bit warmer than in Chicago


You could say that both cities are very well positioned in this category. But to be fair people predict that Dallas is probably going to have an even bigger growth when it comes to the economy and employment. If you don’t believe us then let us list you just a couple of big companies that have their headquarters in Dallas. To name some of them – AT&T, Bank of America, ExxonMobile, American Airlines. So if you’re thinking about moving from Chicago to Dallas to make a professional step further in your career, you’ve made a good choice.

Moving from Chicago to Dallas – Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, Dallas is really at the top of the list. Starting with outdoor places, it is booming with parks. You’ll probably have weeks of entertainment by just walking around them. If shopping is the only time you want to walk around, you’re in luck! There are malls and exclusive shops all around Dallas that can fill up a storage unit in no time. On the other hand, if you’re a sports fan, Dallas has a lot of sports teams you can cheer on. A basketball fan? The Mavericks will be your choice. Soccer? FC Dallas. Up for some ice hockey?  Stars will be the ones entertaining you. Or maybe you’re a huge NFL fan? Then the Dallas Cowboys will get your blood pumping. Dallas is just a huge area that has so much to offer when it comes to entertainment.

A basketball going into the hoop
Dallas is a perfect place for any sports fan


We already told you about the taxes and how much you’ll save just on them. But we have even more good news for you. Everything that can pop into your mind is going to be cheaper in Dallas than in Chicago. To be precise the difference will be around 10%. From rent prices and utilities to your bill in the restaurant, the chances are you’ll be saving money if you live in Dallas. But just to make everything a bit more realistic we’ll drop in some bad news. Because of the constant growth of the population over the years the housing prices have increased. So if you’re planning on buying a home in Dallas, be prepared to give out a bit more cash than you would if you were in Chicago.

Whatever the reason is for your move, you should know that you’ve made a good choice. Even though we’ve offered you just a couple of things you could like more in Dallas there is even more like food, culture, and the community that is always a personal preference. Like many other people you’ve decided that moving from Chicago to Dallas is a good idea and you’re not wrong. There are many opportunities to earn and save your hard-earned money. On the other hand, there are also innumerable ways to spend it. So don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your new home in Dallas!

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