Life in a famous Chicago has many advantages. Still, you might be considering moving to Atlanta soon. There are many reasons why you may want to move to this bustling city in Georgia.  From a great music scene, professional sports teams to excellent restaurants and craft beer, Atlanta has something for everyone. Also, whether you are seeking a career opportunity or quality education, this may be an ideal place for you. Atalanta is known as one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the entire country. This city is attracting newcomers from all over the country but also the world. Finding a new home in Atlanta and hiring some of our reliable and licensed interstate movers Chicago could be the perfect step for you. So, let’s see how to prepare for moving from Chicago to Atlanta. Stay with us and get ready for this endeavor in no time!

Get ready for moving from Chicago to Atlanta

Moving from one home to another is never easy, especially if you need to cross state borders. However, there are many ways to prepare for this event and make your move easier. One of the first things you will want to do before your move is to find your new home in Atlanta. Whether you will visit Atlanta or look for an apartment online, once you find your new home, moving preparation will become a lot easier. What you should know is that buying a home in Atlanta is more affordable than in Chicago. Recent studies say that the median sale price of $275,300 for a home in Atlanta is was better than $309,200 for a home in Chicago. This is one of the reasons why many home buyers decide to consider moving to Atlanta. When it comes to renting, prices are almost the same in these two cities.

Woman packing for moving from Chicago to Atlanta
Start preparations for moving from Chicago to Atlanta

Chicago is 719 miles away from Atlanta, so you will need to prepare for this long journey. Now when you have found a new place to live, you can start packing your bags and getting ready for the big day. But before you start packing anything, make sure to determine the size of your move and get in touch with some of the finest long distance movers Chicago. Experienced and highly-trained moving professionals will handle the hardest parts of ou move for you. Although you may want to do some moving tasks by yourself, make sure to focus on adjusting to your new city and a fresh start.

Benefits of moving from Chicago to Atlanta

Although moving to Atlanta from Chicago means more humidity and heat during the summer, this also means you will escape from blizzard Chicago winters. There is no doubt, besides warmer weather, this bustling metro area has so much more to offer. From many things to see, do and experience in Atlanta to affordable costs of living there are a plethora of reasons why Atlantans love their city. Besides, the city’s sophisticated architecture and so many parks are extra reasons why you will want to become a part of this community.

Atlanta, Georgia
You will love living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Maybe you did not know, but Atlanta is the 9th largest city in the country. Despite this fact, this is still a very affordable city. Besides lower prices for buying a house, costs of living in Atlanta are lower than Chicago and the national average. The average salary in this city is about $59,000 which means residents can afford a better lifestyle compared to other large cities and metro areas. So, if you are promoted and need to move to Atlanta soon, make sure to speed up your moving process. Don’t miss this opportunity, rent storage Chicago and place most of your belongings there before you get a new home. Believe us, you will not regret this decision.

A lot of job and education opportunities

Atlanta is known as one of the biggest economic hubs in the world. The unemployment rate in Atlanta is below the national average and it is lower than Chicago’s rate. A great job market attracts large companies and young professionals. Looking for a job in industries such as finance, hospitals, technology businesses, finance, hotels, restaurants, and similar? Atlanta is home to many world-known companies such as UPS, Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, and many others. Our US Moving Experts recommend you apply for a job even before you move to Atlanta. Even if you are still in doubt about the move, this will help you decide.

Woman looking for a job
Find a new job in Atlanta.

Another reason why moving from Chicago to Atlanta is a good choice is an excellent education. If you are looking for post-secondary education, this is a terrific city for you. Some of the best colleges and universities in the south are located in Atlanta. Thousands of students are served by Atlanta Public School System. Public schools in Atlanta are nationally ranked and make it easy for Atlanta students to get local career opportunities right out of college. Aside from the public education system, there are over 30 universities and colleges in the city. Some of them are Georgia State University, Emory, and Georgia Tech. Many people consider Atlanta as a major center for education.

In conclusion

Whether you love living in Windy City or looking for a more suitable place for you lately, Atlanta could be all you are looking for. Here you will find all you need to live and work comfortably. Although relocation from Chicago to Atlanta seems overwhelming, it does not have to be. With reliable movers by your side, you will get to your new address in Atlanta on short notice. After you prepare for moving from Chicago to Atlanta and contact us to appoint a moving date, you can start researching your new surroundings. Take time to plan what places you will visit first, plan what to do for fun, explore the food you want to taste, etc. Don’t forget to pack clothes for enjoying over 200 days of sunshine in Atlanta. Hope you will have smooth relocation and feel in love with the City of Atlanta!

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