Moving coast-to-coast in itself is challenging and can be stressful. Moving coast-to-coast with pets is on a new level of difficulty. Pets are like a member of a family. Sometimes caring for them is the same as caring for a child. They may not understand us, and can’t communicate with us, but that doesn’t make them any less important.  Before you contact moves and arrange everything have in mind you need to make a list for your pet.

Visit a vet

Before you move coast-to-coast with your pet make sure that you make a vet appointment. Having regular checkups is important but also make sure that before you move, you have one as well. When visiting the vet before the move, ask for your pet’s medical records as well. Before interstate movers Chicago, arrive on the moving date you should have all the records with you.

  • Vacines are important. Before moving make sure your pet is not overdue and has all of them done already.
  • Check for any health problems before moving
  • Find a new vet near your new home. You can ask your current vet for some recommendations, or look up online reviews on blogs or forums like yelp and other verified sites.
cats playing in a box before moving coast-to-coast with pets
Make sure to play with your pets and give them enough attention even while moving.

Documents required

The documents you will need to move coast-to-coast are not big in number. But are important. They do not apply to all pets and all places but it’s better to be prepared.

  1. An Interstate health certificate. This certificate is required for dogs and horses in order to enter nearly all states. Some states have the same measures in place for other pets as well. The certificate has to have all the information about your pet. From name and age to his health and vaccination records.
  2. Entry permit. Some states require entry permits issued by the state. Your vet can be the one applying for your permit, but you can do it yourself as well.
  3. Rabies vaccination. All states need proof that your dog had a rabies vaccine. Some require cats to have it as well. It’s best to check it on time.

Tags and chips

Having id tags and microchips is good to have as it will help you find your pet if it gets lost. But make sure you don’t forget to update them. After long distance movers Chicago help you with your moving coast-to-coast make sure you update tags and chips. Put in the new address and prevent bad things from happening.

Two men with doogs looking at a laptop
Make sure you research all the documents before moving coast-to-coast with pets.

Fly them out and help them settle

When moving coast-to-coast maybe the best option is to fly your pets there directly. When looking at professional moving experts and the services they provide it’s best to see if they have any pet-related ones. If not you can always find pet transporting agencies. After the move, you will not be the only one in a new environment. The same is for them. So try and help them get used to their new home, and let them explore.


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