Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast is a daunting idea. It is one of the most nerve-racking experiences. You are overwhelmed by what you need to take care of. You need to pay close attention to packing prior to moving. Then you need to organize and sort your possessions. After that, you should carefully prepare them for storing. Also, you need to think of moving methods. Don’t forget to meticulously take every piece of information into consideration. Now, let’s take a closer look into the most essential tasks you need to tackle when moving coast to coast. 

Packing is a matter of organization

Firstly, you need to ensure to pack all your personal belongings effectively. Try using suitable moving boxes. This minimizes the possibility of damage when you move coast to coast. You have to store important items with precaution. Then, get rid of inessentials you have forgotten about.  They may remind you of people and emotions you never really let go. Now is a perfect opportunity to give it away. Donate it or offer them at a garage sale. As a result, this will reduce the overall price of moving thus saving your money.

Choose a moving method when moving coast to coast

Secondly, you are supposed to choose a moving method. The best way is to establish criteria. They can refer to your budget or your personal moving requirements. It can depend on whether you prefer to move by yourself or not. If you want to do it single-handedly, you should rent a truck. Hire a long-distance moving company or give shipment a chance otherwise. Once you make up your mind, you can narrow down the selection. So, in a nutshell, when it comes to moving coast to coast, you can opt for:

• Long-distance moving company
• Renting a truck
• Container companies (shipping method)

 Hiring a long-distance moving company

If you decide to hire a moving company, ask your friends, family, and acquaintances for a recommendation. If you are tech-savvy, perform a diligent and thorough online analysis of moving companies.

Hiring a long-distance moving company when moving coast to coast
A long-distance moving company
  1. The following step is checking their reviews to establish how trustworthy a company really is. Take advantage of other people’s experiences and do not take anything for granted.
  2. Pick a moving company which seems to be the most suitable one to meet your needs.
  3. Get in touch with them and ask a few questions about how long they have been on the market, how experienced they are, if they take their jobs seriously in terms of qualified personnel, items safety, driving procedures and law regulations.
  4. Next, make sure the company has the necessary paperwork such as licenses and guarantees.  Require their insurance policy. Give clear and unambiguous instructions regarding handling items. Talk about a refund in case anything gets lost, broken or damaged. It is moving coast to coast after all.
  5. Lastly, negotiate the price. Ask the company to provide you with at least a rough estimate of the moving cost and what exactly you are paying for in case you hire them. Let them be very specific. Ask as many questions as you want. It is your money and you have the right to know every single detail. Ask them for confirmation in form of an agreement or any other paper or online document.

Renting a truck

Renting a truck is by all means more budget-friendly. You may rent one if your budget is tight. If you do so, you only pay for the rental itself. No additional fees are included in the price. However, you will need to pay for the fuel, which is an extra expense.

If you choose this moving method, you are in charge of the entire moving process. Consequently, you need to think of how to pack and store your items of furniture, appliances, etc. properly. Additionally, you are responsible for anything that could go wrong. Weather, to begin with. If you move during winter, you need to be very careful about the icy highway. If it is freezing cold outside and you need to unload the truck, you may drop a box because your fingers are numb.

How to move coast to coast by truck
Moving coast to coast in a truck

Bear in mind moving by truck is tricky. Before you find yourself behind the wheel be aware of how well you can drive a truck while moving coast to coast. Can you rely on your truck driving skills during a blizzard?

Shipping method

People nowadays opt for a shipment quite often. They use container companies for a long-distance move because they are inexpensive and more convenient. The great advantage is it doesn’t require any extra fees whatsoever.

  1. The containers vary in size and quantity depending on the amount of load they need to store. Hence, keep it basic.
  2. Another perk of containers is that they are water-proof and physical impact-resistant. Your belongings are safe at all times.
  3. Containers are additionally secured with state-of-the-art security locks. They are an integral part of an advanced security mechanism that prevents theft.
  4. Also, company stuff provides and operates a truck that gets the container to wherever you want. You can ask the shipping company to include a freight forwarder in the moving coast to coast procedure. They will reach an agreement with a trucking company for you. It will facilitate the process by taking care of documentation, transport, and preparation. They will make sure not to rip you off by choosing the shortest route.

This is gradually becoming a more widely used way of the coast to coast moving. It allows you to choose the date of the content delivery to your new address. You can keep it for as long as you need, so you do not feel pressured to move as soon as possible. It makes a moving fuss a little bit more stress-free.

To sum it up, once you start preparing to move coast to coast you should decide whether you want to include other people. If so,  research moving companies and find out what exactly they offer. Then choose the most successful moving coast to coast method that is most up to your preference. Do not forget to make a precise, legally binding contract with whatever company you opt for. Finally, in order to embark on an adventure on your own, you need to be mentally and emotionally ready. Are you ready to commit yourself to move coast to coast with ease?

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