Congratulations on your move! Before you start celebrating your new home, you have to do a lot of things. Moving preparation is a long and exhausting process. To make it easier, a good plan and organization is the crucial part. There are some tasks you will have to take care of during the move. Making a moving checklist will help you reduce the panic and the stress. We bring you a comprehensive moving checklist that will help you with every step of your way. Make sure you are focused on every task on the moving checklist and you will not forget anything. Follow step by step and you will celebrate a successful move.

Moving checklist
Making a moving checklist will help you reduce the panic and the stress.

First, figure out what to throw away, sell or donate

You should organize your belongings in three piles. First is for the items you want to throw away, second for donation and third for a garage sale. Clean out your home by walking around your rooms and make a list of belongings you want to bring, sell or donate. You have to be a realist. You should bring with you items you need for sure in your new home. Other stuff you should sell or donate to charities.

Make a research of moving companies

If your friends don’t have a moving company to recommend, go online and start with your research. Compare few moving companies, their quotes, and reviews to pick the one that fits your needs and requests. The cost should not be the only factor for hiring movers. Also, you have to check their services, background, experience, etc. If you don’t want to waste your time on the search you can always turn to – as one of the best moving companies in the area.

Buy packing supplies

Before you start with your packing process, make sure to gather all the packing supplies you need. Get some moving boxes, packing tapes, markers, labels, blankets, scissors, wrapping materials, etc.

Transfer your utilities

Gather the contacts of utility companies and make calls to transfer your internet, cable, gas, electric, etc. Give them an address of your new home and schedule utility transfer the day before you move.

Take measurements of your new home

If you want your belongings to fit your new home, make sure to take measurements on each room in your home. You don’t want to find out your coach is too big for your new living room on the day you are moving in. So, to avoid this type of nightmare, be sure you have the exact measurements and characteristics of your new home. Make sure all your possessions fit your new home.

Writing on paper the measurements of your new home
Take measurements of your new home so everything can fit perfectly

Make copies of important documents

When you are moving, especially if you are making an interstate move, you have to take copies of insurance papers, medical records, passport, birth certificates, social security cards, and tax returns.

Pack an essentials box

After you pack all your non-essential items such as furniture, clothes, etc. it is time to pack your essentials box. Fill it with everything you need for the first night and day in your new home, such as medication, shoes, cleaning supplies, toiletries, towels, etc.

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