Chances are that if you have a piano you know how difficult they are to move. Especially when it comes to long-distance moves. For a lot of people, a piano is a status symbol, but also an instrument that has high sentimental value. That’s why we at US Moving experts decided to give you a hand and show you how to move a piano long distance. Come and check out our tips and tricks that we’re sure will be helpful to you.

Moving a piano long distance? Plan accordingly

There’s no type of move that can be done well without a plan. So why not create one for when moving a piano long-distance? You won’t have it easy with a piano when you’re moving hundreds of miles. That’s why you need to assess things as best as possible. You can always contact professional long-distance movers in order to give you some key information on how to tackle such a big task. You’ll need packing materials and supplies so get ready for searching for them. If you decide to do it yourself it can really become a daunting task, but not impossible! The best way to do it is to write a plan down and follow it step by step until you actually see your piano at the new location.

Father and daughter playing the piano
You need a good plan to move a piano long distance

Measure your piano

Be it that you want help from movers or you’re doing it by yourself, take measurements of the piano. That’s very important information and many companies will need to have the measurements before they start working. For example, it’s a big difference for piano movers Chicago to move a piano if they need to prepare for a 300 or a 1.300 pound piano. They’ll need different types of equipment and materials for a bigger job, and so will you. The problem is professional movers will find all they need faster and easier than you. Other measurements that are needed are length and width as they can change a lot when it comes to moving a piano.  It can be important when making the decision on which route the piano will take when it’s being moved from the old house, and when it’s being put in the new home.

Moving a piano long distance – is it worth it?

A piano is a very valuable possession, however, at times it’s more of a sentimental than financial worth. You can even compare a piano to a car. Sometimes it’s just a memory of the past. It’s there and beautiful but you don’t use it anymore. You know it’s not the most expensive piano in the world, but it still moves your heartstrings. However, it’s best to play it a little and see if it is even in good condition. If it’s an old piano that doesn’t really work well, is it really worth it? You’ll just have the expense of moving it and taking care of it for no actual benefit. Of course, that’s on you as an owner to decide.

|a man playing the piano
Is it really worth it for you to move a piano long distance if you really don’t play it anymore?

Use only piano movers for moving your piano

As much as certain moving companies like to advertise, not every type of mover is a piano mover. Piano moving is really a trade of its own and you really don’t want people who aren’t specialists on the job. Especially if the value of your piano is high. You just can’t risk it with your plain local movers even if they are very well trained for their part of the job. Like any type of item that requires special care and organization, so does too the piano. Above all, you’ll see just how efficient it can be when using the right people for the right task.

Check for potential safety hazards and problems

When you’re moving a piano long distance you can’t just roll the dice. The bigger the piano, the greater the chance of some problems occurring. That’s why you need, be it for yourself or the piano movers, to create a list of potential problems. Those can range from door frames being too small for the piano to pass to a few flights of stairs creating problems. You never know what problem can pop out from nowhere, so as always we advise you to hire only professionals. It will cost some money but it will be worth it.

A piano
Check all the potential problems a piano can create before you start moving it

Hire only reputable movers when moving a piano long distance

In the end, we can’t stress enough that your movers need to be professional piano movers. Any type of mover just won’t cut it for a task of such a magnitude. Obviously, you also need to worry about the legitimacy of the claims the moving company makes. That’s why your best move is to have as many quotes as you can from as many piano movers as you find. After that, you can compare them and search online for their reviews. We recommend third-party websites for that as many reviews unfortunately can be faked.

Pianos are probably one of the heaviest items in your home. That’s why so many people are hesitant to move it with them when they’re relocating to a long-distance location. However, we’re sure that after you read our tips and tricks you’ll be able to have a solution for your piano. Moving a piano really drains a lot of energy, but when you start playing it at your new home we’re sure it will be worth it. Good luck with your move and we hope you’ll be able to play the piano very soon!

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