Coming to a new city comes with many challenges, especially a big one like Chicago. From housing, packing and unpacking there are many problems you need to overcome. However, there are parts of your life you’re overlooking and that’s your socials. That’s why we at the US Moving Experts have decided to give you a hand with your social media. Here are the most instagrammable places in Chicago you need to check out. You absolutely have to have pictures from these locations if you want to rule Instagram in Chicago.

Most instagrammable places in Chicago – The Chicago Theater

The Chicago Theater is one of the most famous places in the city. It was built in 1921. and it’s still one of the places that appear in many movies and TV shows often. However, we’re not here to talk about its cultural importance. We’re here to tell you that our local movers in Chicago see people taking pictures in front of it and that you should start too. It’s really beautiful and if you’re a newcomer or someone who lived in Chicago for years, it’s a shame if you don’t have a picture on your Instagram with the theater in the background. Just watch out for the traffic when taking pictures and you’ll be fine.

The Chicago Theater
You need to take at least one picture outside of the Chicago Theater

Flamingo Rum Club

If you like nice drinks, you’ll need to pay this place a visit. They offer amazing cocktails and the atmosphere is astonishing. However, we’re not here to talk about their amazing services. Just behind the Club, there’s the amazing mural of two flamingos that are painted over the wall. Just be sure to come at the right time, our long-distance movers in Chicago hear people that are coming to the city are buzzing about this place.

The Chicago Bridges

Beautiful bridges are a part of Chicago. Their style and memorizing beauty are definitely a thing you want to have in your pictures. Nothing can get more appealing than getting a good picture with all the conditions ready for a great photoshoot. There are dozens of bridges in Chicago, from those more modern ones to the historical ones that have been there for ages. For whatever bridge you decide to be the right place for you, we’re sure you’ll get the best pictures for your Instagram profile.

Most instagrammable places in Chicago – The Skydeck

The Skydeck is on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower. It’s one of the highest spots you can get to in the USA, so that also means amazing pictures. When you get to the top you can get inside of a small glass balcony that is 5 feet long and is around 1300 feet high above the ground. Let’s just say that our residential movers in Chicago rate the Skydeck as one of the most instagrammable places in Chicago by far. Just be wary because you can get dizzy at those heights, however having such an amazing picture of the whole city is worth it.

View from the Chicago skydeck
The Skydeck is pretty high, but it’s worth it to go up there

The Honeycomb

This wood pavilion is extremely popular with newlyweds. It takes a lot of time to get your camera in action, but it’s worth it. It’s near the Lincoln Park Zoo and you won’t be able to miss it. Its unique architecture really doesn’t allow it to stay hidden. On sunny days it really shows you how some places have that special appeal to the people. Whether if you’re a local or a newcomer we can only advise you to take a picture for your profile here

The Chicago River

There’s nothing better than taking a photo in your favorite city with the river in the background. Especially when Chicago has such a nice waterfront and the accessibility to the river is great, there’s nothing that can stop you from getting some amazing pictures for Instagram. Above all, the beautiful emerald color of the river is something that really makes those pictures even more special and beautiful.

Most instagrammable places in Chicago – The Cloud Gate

The cloud Gate is one of the most recognizable places in Chicago. It’s famous worldwide and it’s a monument that people easily associate Chicago with. You can find it in Millennial Park and the locals will probably call it The Bean. It’s extremely photogenic as you can see the reflection of the skyline in it. However, you’ll need to make sure to take pictures early in the morning. Because it’s such a famous monument you won’t really have time to get a nice picture.

The Cloud Gate
One of the most instagrammable places in Chicago is the Cloud Gate

Indian Temple

The Indian Temple is located in Bartlett and is really a hidden gem when it comes to places to take photos. Above all, its architecture makes it stand out from the rest of the city. The details will definitely make you look and get you interested in the temple itself. However, if you want to take pictures be careful. Taking photographs isn’t really allowed here. Obviously, you can snap a couple of pictures of the temple. On the other hand, if you want to pose around and take pictures you want to be able to as it’s not allowed. And obviously, it’s better to respect the rules than to take some photos in hiding.

When it comes to beautiful scenery, Chicago is on top of the list. You obviously sometimes need to take into consideration the time of the day and certain rules, but if you’re respectful you can get a great picture. It’s no wonder that Windy City is probably the most photogenic city in the whole US. The most instagrammable places in Chicago are undoubtedly also some of the best places to take photos in the entire country. Have fun looking for these amazing places and taking pictures for your Instagram.

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