Moving to a new place is an exciting process! However, it comes with certain challenges that you need to handle. The process involves not just the logistics of packing and transporting belongings but also the physical strain it can put on your body. One of the biggest concerns during a move is the risk of injuries, which can turn an otherwise smooth transition into a painful ordeal. Understanding the most common moving injuries and how to avoid them is crucial for anyone planning a move. For this reason, having movers Chicago on your side is important. With their assistance, you can avoid these situations and have a smooth process!

The strain on your back is one of the most common moving injuries

Lifting heavy boxes and furniture is one of the primary causes of back injuries during a move. Straining your back muscles or, worse, injuring your spine can result from improper lifting techniques and the sheer weight of items. These moving injuries often occur when people underestimate the physical effort required or attempt to lift more than they can handle. To prevent these painful and sometimes debilitating injuries, it is important to have professional assistance. In other words, searching for quality packing services Chicago matters. Professional packers are trained to handle heavy lifting safely and efficiently.

A doctor examine back of a woman. Strain on your back is one of the most common moving injuries.
One of the injuries can be the strain on your back.

Do not move large and heavy items by yourself

Speaking of lifting heavy boxes, do not forget that you should not move large and heavy items by yourself, specifically pianos, pool tables, wardrobes, etc. They can cause severe back strain, muscle injuries, and accidents if not handled properly. For this reason, hiring professional piano movers Chicago is always a solution. These experts have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle such challenging tasks, preventing injuries and protecting your valuable possessions.

Hand and finger injuries: Common but preventable

Hand and finger injuries are one of the most common moving injuries. However, they are preventable. They often occur when fingers get pinched or hands are exposed to sharp edges. To avoid such injuries, wearing protective gloves and using proper grip techniques are essential. On the other hand, hiring residential movers Chicago can greatly reduce the risk. Professional movers are skilled in safely handling all types of items, ensuring your hands and fingers stay injury-free during the move.

A man wearing protective gloves and holding silver screws.
It is important to wear protective gloves.

Knee Injuries: A common moving hazard

Knee injuries are a common moving hazard that many people overlook. The repetitive bending, lifting, and carrying of heavy items can place significant stress on your knees, leading to strains or even more severe injuries like ligament tears. To prevent these injuries, it’s important to lift with your legs rather than your back and avoid twisting movements while carrying items.  Also, using knee pads can provide extra protection and support, cushioning your knees from hard surfaces and reducing the risk of injury. By taking these precautions, you can help ensure a safer and more comfortable moving experience.

Be aware of injuries and avoid them!

To make a conclusion, it is important to know the most common moving injuries and avoid them. Do not forget that you should have a stress-free moving experience that you will enjoy. Since you know the most common injuries, be aware of them and remember, always have professional movers and packers on your side!