If you thought about moving to a city like Chicago you probably thought it’s expensive. But it’s actually very untrue. Chicago is one of the cheapest metropolitan cities to live in. Like any city, it has its expensive parts to live in. On the other hand, our residential movers Chicago can help you even when you are on a budget. The city has many green spaces, food places, and legendary sports teams. As renting is a more viable option for saving money, you might want to choose that over buying. And here are the most affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in that you should consider.

Affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in: Irving Park

This area of the city became popular for newcomers in the last couple of decades. The reason for it was a mix of lovely homes and a rich history. In addition, there are houses that are over a hundred years old with the majority of them being renovated. These types of moves need professional movers Chicago so you have everything covered. Some of them were remodeled but still have an amazing look to them. On the other hand, it’s a perfect place if you drive a car as you have multiple ways to avoid intense traffic. Above all, a thing that makes neighborhoods affordable to live in Chicago is access to public transport. As Irving Park has bus and Blue Line access this won’t be a problem.


This part of town is in the north part of the city. Once it was the entertainment center hence the theaters and old architecture. Today it draws more and more the younger population that start living alone for the first time. It has some Red Line stops when it comes to public transportation. When it comes to affordable neighborhoods in Chicago, Uptown will make local moving more appealing because of its numerous bars and restaurants and also nearness to Lake Michigan and parks that are in the area.

 The Chicago theatre located in affordable neighborhoods to live in Chicago
Once this part of town was booming with theaters

Affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in: Hyde Park

Hyde Park is on the south side of the city. It’s famous for being home to the University of Chicago. For that reason, it attracts many students which makes it one of the affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in. This part of town is rich with green spaces and buildings that are part of US history. When it comes to public transportation there are Red and Green Line stops as well as a Metra stop near Lake Michigan that this neighborhood is connected to.


Avondale is on this list but probably not for long. The rent prices have been rising lately as this part of the city has bloomed. Once at the top of the most affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in now is more and more a place our long distance movers visit. This was an industrial zone in the past but now has more and more entertainment options. From bowling alleys to bars and restaurants this part of town is looking like it will just get just better and better in the future.

A bowling alley as entertainment in the most affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in
There are many ways to entertain yourself


This part of town is the most affordable out of all neighborhoods in Chicago to live in if you take into consideration that it has an amazing lake view. The waterfront area is extremely beautiful and has green areas all around it. Its mix of cultures and ethnicities translates into an amazing cuisine and tons of restaurants that will keep you coming back. When it comes to transportation this part of town is connected to the Loop as it is just off the Red Line so it makes every important area of Chicago accessible.

Rogers Park

Rogers Park is in the north part of the city. Because of its vicinity to Loyola University and the lake, it’s no wonder it attracts younger people. It is also very multicultural and is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the northern part of the city. If you are looking for a quiet and inexpensive part of town then Rogers Park is the place to live for you. With the campus being near the mix of generations exists so you can find everything for everyone.

Group of students learning
Loyola University is near so there are many students living in Rogers Park

Affordable neighborhoods in Chicago to live in: Albany Park

If diversity is something that you are looking for then Albany Park is the place for you. People from all around the world live here so it usually means great food and unique shops. Obviously, one big plus for the people on the budget is that it is one of the cheapest parts to live in the city. But don’t wait too long as gentrification is knocking on its door so the prices will surely be on the rise in the future.

Logan Square

This part of town became ever so more popular when the price of living and renting in its surrounding areas rose. For that reason, many young people and artists have settled here. They are mixed in with many immigrant families that already lived here to create the feeling of a welcoming community. Its park-like boulevards give it an exceptional touch and serve as an invitation for people to visit this section of the town.

Moving isn’t cheap and living in an expensive area is also damaging your finances. For that reason, it makes sense you are trying to find the most affordable neighborhood in Chicago to live in. Like any other, the city of Chicago has its more and less expensive parts. Because of that, we hope our list will help you choose the best one for you. Have fun and luck with finding the perfect place for you.

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