Moving a pool table involves more than just physical strength and a few friends. It’s a delicate process that, if done incorrectly, can lead to costly errors. Here we are going to explore common mistakes when moving a pool table and highlight the importance of professional assistance. And if you decide to find professionals for your pool table moving process, be free to call our movers and packers Chicago!

Why you shouldn’t move a pool table on your own

At first glance, moving a pool table by yourself might seem like a cost-effective option. However, this task is fraught with complexities. Pool tables are not only heavy, but their bulkiness presents unique challenges. They contain delicate parts that can easily be damaged. Attempting to move one without the right tools and expertise can lead to injuries or damage to the table itself. So, hiring pool table movers Chicago can be the best solution for you.

Pool table ready to be moved
The pool table requires special preparation and adequate handling in order to avoid damage.

Costly mistakes to avoid

Here are several errors to watch out for when moving a pool table:

  • Disassembly errors: Incorrectly taking apart a pool table can lead to broken components or a table that’s impossible to reassemble correctly.
  • Improper packing: Without proper cushioning and secure packing, the delicate parts of a pool table, like the felt and bumpers, can suffer damage.
  • Maneuvering challenges: Navigating narrow spaces or stairs without damaging the table or the surroundings requires skill.
  • Neglecting releveling: A pool table must be precisely leveled to function correctly. Post-move releveling is a task often overlooked in DIY moves.

Benefits of hiring professional pool table movers

Professional pool table movers bring several advantages:

  • Experience: They have the know-how to disassemble, pack, move, and reassemble pool tables safely.
  • Specialized equipment: Professionals use tools specifically designed for safely moving heavy and bulky items like pool tables.
  • Insurance: If something goes wrong when moving to Chicago, professional movers often have insurance that can cover damages.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your pool table is in expert hands can alleviate stress during a move.

How to choose the right pool table moving company?

Moving a pool table requires expertise, and attempting a DIY move can lead to significant mistakes, such as disassembly errors, improper packing, and challenges in maneuvering through tight spaces. Professionals offer the necessary experience, specialized equipment, and insurance to handle these tasks safely and efficiently, ensuring the pool table is moved without damage. It’s crucial to choose a moving company by researching reviews, checking credentials, comparing quotes, and asking specific questions about their experience with pool tables. Opting for professional movers provides peace of mind and guarantees that the pool table will be ready for use in its new location.

professional mover who can help you to avoid mistakes when moving pool table
Professional movers are here to help you avoid mistakes when moving a pool table.

Avoid mistakes and have a stress-free pool table moving!

Moving a pool table is a task that demands precision and care. While the DIY route may be tempting, the risks and potential costs of mistakes are significant. Hiring cheap movers Chicago not only saves you from these pitfalls but also ensures that your pool table remains in top condition, ready for many more games in its new home. Remember, thorough research and selecting the right company are crucial steps in ensuring a successful pool table move.