If you want to make a green move, but don’t know where to begin, you are in the right place. First of all, it is important to define a green move. What is a green move? It is a move that is eco-friendly. This means that you should use recyclable material for packing, for example, paper boxes. On top of that, each moving process helps create trash and people waste tons of materials. Americans move around 11 times in their lives. It is important to take care of the environment, which is why your next move should be a green move.

What you need to know before you make a green move

The average person has at least one moving experience. Each move impacts the environment and for this reason, it should be eco-friendly. It is essential to find a moving company which is green. Additionally, finding used boxes is advisable and these can be found in stores. In order to make a green move, you should make use of the containers and boxes you already gathered and try to find sustainable packaging materials which are eco-friendly. You certainly have things that you will no longer need or use and you can donate them. Finally, save fuel and make fewer moving trips.

Get the right supplies

First of all, you need to buy supplies for your packing. This does not have to be expensive, you can always buy affordable packing supplies and save the money as well. You can also find used boxes at local supermarkets and you can ask your family and friends if they have some as well. Stores recycle boxes from time to time and you should ask them in advance so that they save some to help you out. Also, people from the online community could be able to give you their used boxes. Your move should be eco-friendly because you want to help save the environment. That is why you have to do everything you can to make it happen.

Use the containers and boxes you stored

Keep the boxes you get throughout the year in order to use them for your green move. It is not hard to store them, but you have to find a suitable place. When people buy things online, they are shipped in boxes, which are reusable. Also, you may want to keep the boxes you get when purchasing home appliances. You can use your basement for storage purposes and if you do that you will save money.

Three carboard boxes on top of each other
Use cardboard boxes you already have.

Use sustainable packaging materials

Packaging materials should be eco-friendly and such that you can easily recycle them. You should be creative so as to make a green move. Make good use out of your towels, for example, in order to wrap your possessions safely. You can also use newspapers to wrap breakable things. Additionally, you may even use old clothes for wrapping some of the belongings you are packing. The essential tip is to improvise and have fun so that your moving would be stress-free. In the end, you can recycle the materials you used for packing.

Donate stuff you no longer need

When packing and relocating, you have the perfect opportunity to get rid of the things you will never use. You can do good and donate them to charity. This is a part of the eco-friendly move because you will not throw your things away, but make use of them. It is important to think about the whole community and help those in need. Moreover, you should downsize because it is always advisable to declutter the space you live in. Others will be grateful and you will feel relieved. Of course, there will be things you can recycle, which is also a good choice. Make different piles to separate things you will keep and you won’t keep and write checklists for better organization.

Pile of things
Donate things you no longer need.

Make fewer trips when moving

It is essential to cut back on trips when moving. This will make your move a more efficient green move. Even if your last move was not a green move, now is the time to practice green move especially since you already have a moving experience. If you are moving your things yourself, consider packing as many things as possible in your vehicle at once. A better solution is to find the right moving company that will help you choose the moving truck of the right size. This will make it possible to pack the optimal amount of things.

Truck on the road to make a green move
Find the truck of the right size for your move.

Find a moving company which specializes in green moving

It is best to hire professionals for your move and when doing so, you can always hire a moving company which offers green moving services. Not all moving companies are the same and you should find the one that suits your needs best. This will help you save time and money and make your moving easier than it seems. An experienced green moving company will help you make a green move much faster and more efficient.

Here are some helpful tips on how to do that:

  • Call the company you want to hire and discuss the green move you want to make. The movers will be able to give you valuable advice.
  • Moving companies offer a variety of services, but you should focus only on those you need and which are essential for your move.
  • Ask a moving company if they offer recycling services.
  • Be prepared to supervise the movers so that you can be completely included in the moving process.

Smart people choose a green move

When you choose to make a green move, you should know that you are conscious of the environment. It is important today to take care of the world and not to pollute. Moving creates tons of trash and this can be prevented to some extent. Of course, each move will help make garbage, but a green move is the best choice for the environment. If you follow these tips, you will relocate in no time and you will have a green move.

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