There are many different reasons why people need to store their items for a long period. Sometimes you might need to put away one item that takes too much space inside of your home. Other times, people decide to pack up almost half of their possession and store it for reasons like long term travel or living abroad for a set period. Even if you are moving to another home, it doesn’t mean you can bring all that you own. Especially if your new apartment isn’t significantly bigger than the current one. Under all of these circumstances, the solution can be a Chicago storage unitRenting a storage unit for long term storage is a fast and convenient way of getting more space in your home. You will need to consider your budget and needs to make a good choice. And we will be there to help you.

Find an appropriate long term storage solution

If you never did rent a storage unit before, you are in the right place. Because you will need professional help when choosing long term storage facilities in Chicago. Our moving experts from US Moving Experts are here to provide you with tips and tricks you are looking for. We will take into account many aspects of your situation and find the best solution. A strong recommendation is to make a good plan before you pick your unit. Write down all your needs to choose the right size storage unit. But you must consider the location of your storage facility, too. Once you know exactly what you are going to put into storage, you can pick well. It will be easier to assess how much storage space you need and what storage conditions will be required to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Take all requirements and obstacles into consideration

Before we give you tips on preparing your items for the long term storage, pay attention to the next steps. Your primary task will be to find an appropriate storage space for your items. Not all long term storage units are the same and picking the right one requires serious consideration. So follow the next tips.

Write down your needs and plan well.

Self-storage unit size

Should you choose a small or a large storage unit? Is it possible to organize your packing to get more space, if the storage unit is too small? Your storage unit should be large enough to accommodate your belongings without them being crammed inside, for sure. But don’t pick too big, you don’t want to end up paying for unused space. Usually, storage units come in various sizes, so be careful to pick a space that is suitable for your needs.

Self-storage facility condition

Make sure to choose a storage facility in good condition. Your items will be safer in a well-kept facility and it means that buildings should be clean and in good repair, well maintained. Ask your movers about there sufficient illumination, loading docks, drive-up access, and ample parking space and similar conditions.

Long term storage
Make sure your storage facility is in good condition.

Security system

Unquestionably, the safety of your items will be on top of your priority list. Especially when it comes to choosing a long term storage unit. For this reason, you should check if it includes a fire prevention system, modern access gate, security live guards and access code for entry, door alarms, video surveillance that covers the whole area. But still, remember that you can’t access your storage unit any time you want to. Only if there is a reason you need this type of access, prepare to pay extra for 24 hours access. 

The safety of your belongings is the most important.


Insects, rodents, and other pests are threatening to destroy your stored belongings. Dust can be the second problem as it accumulates in even the most well-sealed storage units. Dust can also cause serious changes to clothes, paperwork, tools, and other items. But your greatest concern when storing items long term are humidity and temperature fluctuations. Humidity can cause rotting, rusting, warping, swelling, discoloration or mold growth. Otherwise, extreme temperatures can cause some materials to expand, dry out, or become brittle and more susceptible to breaking. So choose a storage unit where the temperature and humidity are regulated through climate control.

Prepare your items for long term storage

Long-term storage is an option when you need to keep items safely stored for any length of time beyond three months. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to reuse packing supplies. While you are packing and preparing your items for storing, you can use some of the materials from your previous move. Here are some tips for making the most out of long-term storage:

  • Avoid packing items in plastic bags and use card boxes. Although it seems like plastic is more protective against water damage than boxes, the opposite is really true. Unfortunately, plastic can trap dampness and moisture and speed up the mildew mold process.
  • Make sure the items are fully dry before packing them up. This is important even for short term storage. Consequently, take this advice while preparing your items for long term storage.
  • Ask around and make sure to get free moving boxes. If you can’t get enough of them, buy sturdy boxes.

Additional tricks and packing tips

  • Treat fragile items well. Individually wrapping is recommendable for fragile items. Use bubble wrap and newspaper and label those boxes accordingly. Pay attention to common moving mistakes to avoid.
  • Create your inventory list to keep track of what you pack and store. Couple days from packing, you will forget half of your possession. Make a few copies of the inventory list and keep one copy inside of your storage unit.
  •  Appoint someone to check in on your belongings now and then.
  • Set up your storage rent on autopay and stay relaxed. This way you can release yourself and have one less thing you need to think about.

Choose wisely

Although you may get the lowest price from movers, before you sign for renting storage, check a couple of things. A moving company that will provide you with a storage unit solution needs to be licensed and insured. Check their registration at FMCSA. That is very important when renting a storage unit, particularly long term storage.

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