No matter distance, the moving process is never easy. Every move requires a lot of planning and thorough preparations. However, when it comes to long-distance moving, you will have to be more careful. Long-distance moving is more difficult than moving across town. In case you forget something, you can’t just run back to your old home. Furthermore, when you move long-distance it is almost impossible to retrieve an item that didn’t get packed. Our professionals from US Moving Experts will remind you that you need to get everything right the first time. Along with planning, you should create a customized long distance moving checklist and stick to it while preparing. Unquestionably, the well-created abroad moving checklist is one of the main guidelines for your pleasant journey. Besides, following your checklist will help you avoid forgetting important tasks and items.

Long distance moving checklist- essential components

Stress and anxiety will not take you anywhere. We can all agree on the fact that relocating brings fear and stress. Nevertheless, moving long-distance doesn’t have to be too stressful. Although it requires a bit more advance planning than when you are moving around the corner, it can be an enjoyable experience. Our long distance movers Chicago can provide you with high-quality service, without stress and haste. So let us help you find the best reliable movers for your upcoming move while you are creating your long distance moving checklist. Along with hiring reputable long distance movers, we have tips and tricks on how to create your customized checklist. So don’t waste time and let’s consider segments from the checklist. With our help, your checklist will be done very quickly.

To-do list
A long-distance moving checklist is a way to stay organized.

 1. Decide what items you are moving

Before you start packing anything, think twice. The best advice you can get from our professional movers Chicago is to consider what items you are moving. Apparently, living in your current home for many years is the reason why you have accumulated things that you no longer use or want. Naturally, you are not the same person you have a couple of years ago. The best ways to cope with packing unnecessary items are to consider your current lifestyle and needs. Follow your next tips.

3. Creating an inventory list to avoid packing useless stuff

For instance, a couple of years before you used to play your old piano every weekend. Nowadays, you don’t have enough time to do it. Besides, moving a piano requires professional service that will cost extra. Moreover, you are pretty much sure that there is no enough space for a piano inside your new home. What you should do? You should sell it or donate to some of your family members or close friends. Consider your current needs and priorities. Accordingly to them, write down an inventory list of items you want to bring with. An inventory list is an ultimate guide for a successful move. But every move is different, so you got to create your own inventory list that suits your needs.

Do you have enough space inside your new home for your old piano?

4. Make some money by decluttering

When it comes to creating an intrastate or interstate moving checklist, saving money is the last thing on your mind. But, long-distance moving is a great time to get rid of useless items. Getting rid of the clutter before you move is a way to save and make some money. As fewer items, you pack, as lighter your shipment will be. For sure you don’t want to pay to move things you never use. Instead, take time and sort your belongings. You can sell many of the belongings that you don’t use anymore. Organize a garage sale and donate items you haven’t sold. Moreover, you can enlist your friends or family members to help you not only to pack but also to get rid of clutter. After you finish decluttering, your packing will be easier. Besides, you will have fewer items on your long distance moving checklist.

5. Get your packing supplies in order

After you pick and sort important items you want to move with, prepare for packing. Gather all necessary materials and supplies before you start packing. Make sure to gather different size moving boxes, bubble wraps and shipping tapes together. You don’t want to have to interrupt packing because you just have run out of boxes. Go to your nearest Walmart in order to purchase packing material and proper supplies. Pay attention to fragile items you need to pack and make sure to provide enough materials for those items. If you are aware you will need professional help to move some of your fragile items such as piano, bulky pieces of furniture or billiard table, don’t hesitate. Contact them on time and make an appointment to get a free moving estimate.

Long distance moving checklist
Make sure to gather properly supplies for the stressful packing processes.

6. Start packing by following long distance moving checklist

Packing belongs on any long distance moving checklist is a huge task of your move. For this reason, make sure to have a good strategy for the packing process. After you gather the necessary materials and packing supplies from your previous move, it is time to start packing. Try to minimize the inconvenience by packing those items first that you don’t use frequently. Things such as holiday decorations and seasonal clothes should be packed first. The kitchen and bathroom should be last on the list for packing. When it comes to personal stuff, be careful and write the names of family members on the boxes. Importantly, label the boxes as you go along. As a consequence, you will know which room they belong to when you arrive at your new home.

7. Confirm arrangements with the moving company

We hope that our main goal is accomplished. We are doing our best to help you find reliable long-distance movers. In the end, your long distance moving checklist should also include a call to your movers a few days before the moving day to confirm the details of the move. Be free to ask them about times, places, costs, and more. Ensure to make arrangements to pay your moving company. Besides, make sure to check would you have enough cash to tip the movers.

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