Finding the right moving company for your local move is crucial. However, it can represent a more difficult task than you’d imagine. This is because there are too many sub-par and scamming moving companies around. Thankfully, we from the US Moving Experts are here to help you out with your move and to give you some advice. Here are just some of the local moving company traits to look for in the ones that you want to hire.

One of the local moving company traits to look for is its reputation

One of the rare traits of any company be it moving or anything else is to have a good reputation. There’s nothing better than knowing that someone tells the name of the company you already know that they’re talking about a premium moving company. The same goes for our local movers as they make sure your move is done in the most efficient manner possible. Thankfully with so many repeat clients and recommendations they know that they are among the cream of the crop. Word of mouth reputation is still king and when people talk about you, it’s a sign you’re climbing up the ranks.

People shaking hands
One of the local moving company traits to look for is a good reputation

The company’s transparency can show you a lot

Do you hate hidden fees? Can’t stand when a moving quote has set one price and the real price ends up being double of that? That’s why reputable moving companies always keep their rates and prices transparent. However cheap or expensive your residential movers are, they need to tell you the estimate in advance and stick to it. No information needs to be hidden when you’re dealing with an honest moving company. For that reason, one of the best local moving company traits to look for is transparency. You can learn a lot about a company by the way it presents crucial information.

Experience will help a lot with moving

Making sure that a local move goes smoothly is to have an experienced moving company by your side. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a new company in the business won’t help you, but experience means that a company has been working successfully for years. For example, our commercial movers have been helping businesses all over Chicago move for years, and that’s why they are the number one choice when it comes to office moving. Choosing a company that has years of experience can really improve the way your move is going. For that reason, when you’re choosing between moving companies make sure to pick the one with more experience.

Among the local moving company traits to look for is reliability

Is there anything worse than seeing movers arrive late? Of course, things can happen and there’s no one that can magically avoid traffic. However, if the movers don’t arrive for hours or even days from the scheduled date, then you might have a problem. Those types of movers are surely not BBB-approved and aren’t a choice for your local move. For that reason, make sure that you pick a company that has a reputation for being reliable. Movers that arrive on time will surely help you better with your move and protect your belongings better.

A mover handling a small moving box
There’s nothing better than having punctual and reliable movers

What’s better than hard-working movers?

If you have hard workers for your move you can call yourself lucky. There’s nothing better than having strong movers that will be able to help you out in the best possible way. However, it’s not just the muscles. Real movers know all the techniques and the right way to pack and load up your belongings into the truck. With hard-working movers, every move seems easier than it is. We’re sure that you’ll be able to spot them by the way they approach your relocation.

Good communication is crucial for moving

Having a moving company that has a staff member dedicated to just keeping you informed about every step of the move is a crucial part of a great relocation. Nobody likes it when movers don’t respond to messages and calls. So make sure that you pick a company that will have good communication with you. Even if your friends leave your message on read, you can feel bad, it’s 10 times worse when a company that will handle your belongings does the same. Of course, some movers are busier than others. However, every company should be able to respond to you in a couple of hours of time.

Local moving company traits to look for is that it has all the licenses and insurances

Even for a local move you still want your moving company to have all the licenses and insurances. When it comes to insurance, you want to insist on it, because in case of a mishap you can always get at least some of the value of the items that were damaged. Anyways, it’s far better than receiving zero dollars. When it comes to licenses they make sure that there’s an agency that vouches for the company. For example, the FMCSA or other government and state agencies that regulate the moving industry and beyond. It’s better to have someone to complain to than to just put your head down.

A person looking over a moving quote
Make sure that your company has all the licenses and insurances

Making sure that you know the local moving company traits to look for is extremely helpful. Only with them will you be completely sure that your pick of movers is the right one. You want to avoid the bad movers as much as you can. A true professional local moving company will always offer you more value for the money you pay. That’s because there’s no better advertisement than a fully satisfied client. We wish you all the luck possible with searching for your local movers and with your move in general.

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