When it’s time to move, not every item is the same. Some of them will need special care while others can survive a move and transportation without problems. For that reason, there are many items that require professional packing and need special care. That’s why we from the US Moving experts are here to give you some examples of items that are part of that group. However big or small they are there’s good reasoning why it’s a good idea to hire professional packers for them.

Artwork and paintings will need professional packing

When it comes to your art and paintings, that is not something you should pack and move on your own. Especially if they have a high monetary and sentimental value to you. After all, you can’t just put them in your regular moving box and hope everything arrives in one piece. Paintings and art require you to create a protective layer when they’re inside the boxes. You don’t want any of your items to move around during transportation and hiring our packing services Chicago will make sure something like that won’t happen. You might get all the supplies that you need, but having professional service will be a far better option for you when packing your artwork and paintings.

A painting
Your artwork is one of the items that require professional packing

Electronics and appliances

In general, your appliances and electronics won’t need special protection if you have their original packages. However, that’s not always the case. For that reason, pay attention to how and with what you use to protect your appliances. More often than not, our local movers in Chicago see people who don’t have the original packing and try to handle the packing of electronics in a very unprofessional and unsafe way. That’s why you need to save as many parts as you can and keep them in a separate place. On the other hand, if you’re moving your appliances or electronics, make sure that they don’t have wiggle room so they don’t get damaged during transport.

Pianos require professional packing

A piano can be very challenging to move and pack. It’s very robust but has a lot of delicate parts that can get damaged even after the smallest turbulence. That’s why you need the highest level of professionals to handle your piano. In no case can you rely on your ordinary residential movers in Chicago to handle your piano. There is special equipment and tools needed to disassemble and reassemble your instrument. From the pedals to the top of the piano everything will need a lot of special attention. Make sure everything is covered when you load it into the moving truck or there might be some irreparable damage happening during transportation.

A person playiing the piano
Pianos might seem big and robust but have delicate parts that need special attention when packing


Antiques are really a special type of item. From the ones that you inherit to others that you can buy, they are always expensive. Some have a bigger monetary value while others have more of a sentimental value. However, what’s the real way to take care of them when packing? To stop any ideas of actually trying to pack it by yourself, we want to emphasize that it’s among the Items that require professional packing in order to survive a long-distance trip. It’s not enough to stuff it with moving paper and put it in a moving box. You need to take special care of such items and make sure that they don’t break.

Pool tables are among the items that require professional packing

One of the most fun pieces of furniture and most delicate ones are pool tables. They might seem robust and an item that really doesn’t seem like too big of a problem when it comes time to pack and move. However, it’s very true that you’ll need BBB-approved movers to pack your pool tables. Above all, it’s because of the parts that cost a lot and that can be delicate to move. For example, the legs, pockets, and other parts of the table. Every damage to a pool table can really mean big changes and big financial loss.  

Furniture that has glass parts

Do you possess a lot of glass coffee tables? Does your closet have glass doors? Do you know how to pack your mirrors? There are many questions that you need to ask yourself before you want to move and pack glass items in general. In order to avoid all the potential problems that you might run into, make sure that you have professionals taking care of all your glass or furniture that has glass parts. This will make it so much easier for you and there won’t be a need for you to get into a bad situation. Pay some extra cash for security and it will be more than worth it.

A coffee table in a room
Furniture with glass is not something to pack and move by yourself

Grandfather clocks

Grandfather clocks are usually very old and expensive. They need special care and attention to get packed and moved. Of course, some of them will cost more and some less. However, that’s not the main concern for the majority of people. The main problem is that it’s always something that’s being passed from one generation to another. For that reason, it has more of a sentimental value than a monetary one. That’s why having a professional mover for this type of item when it’s time to pack is an absolute must.

Moving is a process that requires a lot of attention to detail. There are certain items that require professional packing while others might get moved without any additional care. Whatever you decide to do, it will be a difficult decision. However, making sure that everything goes fine and hiring professional packers and movers might be a good idea for you. The majority of the items on our list are robust but have a lot of delicate parts. For that reason make sure to get everything protected before you get into action.

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