Sometimes you just can’t take every item to your new location. Be it that you’re moving residentially or commercially. However, not every storage unit can provide you with protection in order to keep your belongings safe. That’s why we at US Moving Experts have decided to help you out and tell you about the items that require climate-controlled storage and why it’s so important to keep certain types of belongings in them. From items that are sensitive to change in temperature to items that require to be kept at a certain temperature at all times, it can really get difficult. Here are just some of them that you need to provide special care.

Items that require climate-controlled storage  РWooden and leather furniture

When you have to put furniture into storage you need to take special care of it. Especially, if you have a lot of wooded and leather furniture that will be stored for a long period of time you might need a climate-controlled storage unit. So why not use storage Chicago for your furniture? We have the best options for you. Wooden furniture can rot and crack if it’s exposed to moisture for too long so let professionals handle it. Also, leather furniture Is very sensitive to temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Having a good storage unit to keep your furniture safe is extremely important.

A dog sitting in a leather chair
Your leather furniture needs to be protected from moisture

Home appliances

The appliances you have around the house might seem like they’re able to withstand certain weather. However, that’s not always the case. Above all, they can get damaged if they are put in a space where it’s too cold or hot. Our local movers say that it’s not uncommon that even mold grows inside them if not stored properly. For that reason, it’s important to clean them up before storing them. By doing so you’ll prolong their life and will have a clean appliance when you pick it up from the unit.

Items that require climate-controlled storage – Music Instruments

One of the most expensive items that can also have tremendous emotional value are musical instruments and they need special attention. Especially when they are inside of the storage unit. From your guitar to storing a grand piano, every instrument has its own bits and pieces that require special care. Any change in temperature, as verified by our residential movers, will have a great effect especially on the wooden parts of your instruments. If you choose a climate-controlled storage unit you can be sure that your instruments are safe and stored at just the right temperature.

A piano
A piano is one of the items that require climate-controlled storage


Having artwork is also one of those times that can have a huge monetary and sentimental value. For that reason, it’s best that if you put it in storage to keep it as safe as possible. Above all, it can really get fragile with changes in humidity and temperature. So be it that you have the most famous artwork in the world or some art that is from your family, you’ll still need a storage unit that protects it. And what better way to do it than to put it into a climate-controlled storage unit.


Any wine lover will tell you that a good wine requires special attention. That’s because any drastic variations in temperature can change drastically the quality and the overall aging process of the wine. In other words, it will get an unpleasant taste and its worth will plummet. For that reason, every cent is worth it to put your wine collection in the right place. Especially if you have in mind all the money and time people invest in making their own wine.

Items that require climate-controlled storage  РElectronics

During summer and winter periods if you leave your electronics in open spaces for a long period of time they can get a lot of damage. That’s why most items like your TVs and audio equipment can be in trouble when there’s a big change in temperature. Be it that your screen gets moisture or the inner workings of your electronics, any potential problem can completely destroy your items. That’s why so many people decide to keep their electronics safe in a storage unit. With the right care before you put them there, you’ll be able to feel completely secure about your electronics.

A TV hanging grom the wall
You don’t want your TV and other electronics to break while in storage

Documents and photographs

A lot of businesses have a lot of paperwork. The majority of it has sensitive information and it’s for the best to keep them safe. You don’t want any moisture, discoloration, or in the worst case flat-out dissolving of your office documents. Another important item that needs to be away from heat and needs a constant climate is photos. Potential discoloration and damages can occur if they stay too close together at a high temperature. You just don’t want anything to happen to your family and other types of important photos. Having a climate-controlled storage unit will help you keep your documents and photos safe.

Thankfully, if you have a professional and reputable moving company, they can always help you determine the items that require climate-controlled storage and if you really need it. And what to do in case you don’t have such support? Then you can always take our list as a good starting point. We’re sure you can imagine that similar types of items might need similar attention. Whatever you decide to do we hope you will have a safe move and that all your items will be ready and fresh for use when you take them out of the storage unit.

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