The question in the title is one of the most important questions that you need to answer before you decide which moving company to hireIs your mover really an expert?” If he is not, then you may be in for a big surprise. And not a pleasant one. In order to go through the moving process with ease, you need to be sure that someone trustworthy has got your back. Make the wrong choice and your move may turn out to be more difficult than what you had imagined. So stay tuned to find out how to know whether your mover is an expert or not. Keep your eyes wide open and you should clear the moving process quickly and with no leftover things to take care of.

An old box truck parked in the woods
Does this truck look like it belongs to an expert moving company?

Is your mover really an expert? How long has the moving company of your choice been in the industry?

One of the things that makes a moving company, or any other company, a reliable one is its history on the market. If someone has been in the business for 15 years it’s not because they rip their customers off… It’s because they know how to take care of the business that they are in. Let’s break the good news right at the beginning of our text: work only with such companies.

The situation is the same with moving companies as well. Those moving companies that have survived the crisis that struck ten years ago while they had been on the market even before that usually are those companies that are experts at what they do. Therefore, if you come by one with such a pedigree, take it into a serious consideration.

Is your mover really an expert? Existence is not all there is when you are trying to find an expert mover

Girl in a traditional outfit in front of a modern building
Tradition mixed with modernism is a very good option

While the sole existence of a company of more than several years more often than not implies good business practice, it is not always the case. If you are moving to the Sunshine State from a long distance, you need to understand that there are those companies that do make money by charging a lot more than they should for a service that is not worth as much. They get less work but charge it a lot more than the competition. This allows them to stay afloat. Therefore, when you are trying to answer the question is your mover really an expert, do look further than how long that company has been on the market. After all, Google. The internet is your friend.

Is your mover really an expert? Get quotes from several sources

In order to evaluate long distance movers, you need to get in touch with more than one of them. To make sure that you are getting the best deal that you can get, ask movers to send someone over to examine your load. This is a service that is delivered free of charge. It is also one of the standard ones. So, most moving companies will not deny it. After all, it is in their benefit to come and make an assessment. If they would not do it, then one of the following two options might come up:

  • The moving truck might be too small. This means more time is required to load and transport your items.
  • The moving truck might be too big. The moving company loses money in both cases, but here particularly. Therefore, in order to maximize their profit, they will make sure not to make such costly mistakes.

Should a moving company deny to come and make an assessment, you can bet that it is not really an expert one. Therefore, if you are moving to the countrystay away from unworthy moving companies.

Is your mover really an expert? Online reviews will help you make the right decision

Now that you have got a general feel of your possible contractor, the time is right to consult the online community. How does the internet see him? What do his previous customers have got to say about him?

Is your mover really an expert? Online reviews can help answer that question
Ask around and look for online reviews since they can help you make the right decision

In order to find out more about this, consult Yelp. Every company with a little bit of history will be listed on that website. So, understand that online reviews are your friends. Take advantage of their existence, but also, leave something in return. After you are done with your move, leave a review that reflects your experience. If you hade a good one, leave a positive review. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your moving company, let it be known. In the first situation, you will help people choose a good moving company. In the second case, you will make sure that no one makes the same mistake as you have. In both ways, you will be helping people from all over the country make the right decision.

Look for credentials when you are seeking an answer to the question is your mover really an expert

Credentials play an important role in designating one particular moving company a trustworthy one. So, in order to move with ease, make sure to check who are the stakeholders of that moving company.

In a moving company, you should be looking for the following treats apart from its age:

  • It needs to have a license in order to be in the moving industry.
  • Make sure that it is an insured moving company. Companies that are not insured usually are not expert moving companies. You will want to make sure that your items are safe and insurance will do just that.
  • It is desirable that it is a member of the Better Business Bureau and of the American Moving and Storage Association.

If one moving company meets all the above-mentioned criteria, you can rest assured that you have positively answered the question of is your mover really an expert?

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