When people reach a certain age, they look to move and live in environments that will be beneficial to them. So it’s not that surprising that older people look for suitable places before they retire. Of course, those places have all of the personal preferences and requirements they are looking for. So before contacting any of the packing services Chicago movers offer, make sure to check if is Chicago a senior-friendly place to move to.

What does a place need to have in order to be senior-friendly?

There are many things you need to consider before you can give any definitive answers. So when asking, “is Chicago a senior-friendly place to move to” also think about if it fulfills all of the needs a senior person should have. As there are many personal preferences we will only concentrate on the most important ones.  Of course, if you ask anyone from here they will all name some of the best cross country movers Chicago has to offer and tell you to move!

chicago street
This is a big city, and it will have many things to offer to its seniors.

Good healthcare

If you look carefully all over Chicago, you will notice frequent private medical establishments, as well as hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Here in Chicago, we take the health of our seniors with great importance. Good city design makes sure hospitals are evenly spread, and all homes have easy access to them! Making it perfect for people that are older and in need of frequent checkups. Even when coming here with the help of the most professional movers Chicago has to offer you will notice them.


If you ask any of the local movers Chicago has, all of them will agree that nig cities have big problems. And one of them is traffic! But thanks to the public transportation here being good, many things are a lot easier. This also applies to older people that need to a little further, but can’t drive!

Look at publick transport and you will know Is Chicago a senior-friendly place to move to
Is Chicago a senior-friendly place to move to is easy to see by looking at transport


Is Chicago a senior-friendly place to move to? Well, we would say yes! Seniors tend to pick calmer and safer places to make their own. And many of them take more measures to make their home safe. Living alone in a big city can at times be scary no matter how old you are. So you would be happy to know that here you can have peace of mind. As the city is quite safe.

Places for recreational activities

One thing many young people don’t realize is the importance of exercise. And although seniors can’t do any big and flashy sports, they can still be active. For example, long walks next to the river or in parks are a nice way to relax and stay healthy. And Chicago has many such places to offer. So is Chicago a senior-friendly place to move to in your opinion?