When you’re moving with your family you want it to be a safe and fun place. It’s important to go somewhere where every member of your family will flourish and be their best. For that reason, you can count on our US Moving Experts to bring you anywhere you need. But before you go, it’s important to know if Chicago is a family-friendly city? There are reasons for and against it, and we’d like to highlight just some of them.

Is Chicago a family-friendly city? Great schools in the area show that it is

If you have a family with kids, it’s important that your new place has a great school system. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to choose Chicago as your destination. Above all, the kids of public or private schools have a lot of success in learning. This is definitely one of the reasons to call up the residential movers Chicago and hire them for your move. What’s more important than the happiness and education of your kids? And in Chicago, they will surely have it.

children reading a book
Is Chicago a family-friendly city? According to some great schools, it is

Affordable housing is what makes Chicago great

When you compare Chicago to other big cities in the US, you will notice that the price of housing is lower than in the majority of places. That’s what makes Chicago a great place for families. It’s one of the biggest cities in the nation and it offers everything a family needs. What are you waiting for? Call our local movers Chicago and they will make sure that your family relocation to Chicago will be done in the smoothest way possible.

Is Chicago a family-friendly city? The crime rate is the only thing you need to think about twice

Saying that Chicago is perfect would be dishonest. It has its positive and negative sides like many other cities around the US. One of the things that people are worried about the most is the crime rate. It has been on the rise lately. However, our long-distance movers in Chicago don’t hear it as often as before as a complaint. However, it’s something that affects more tourists than local people, so it shouldn’t be a big problem. Overall, things are far from perfect in Chicago.

A policeman on his bike
Crime rates are high in Chicago

The beautiful outdoors will offer some great family time

You can’t say that many of the biggest cities in the US have amazing outdoor areas that people can enjoy. However, it’s a bit different in Chicago. You have a lot of places where you can relax and unwind and the city of Chicago is really doing a good job at it. You definitely won’t regret visiting some of the parks and gardens. It will be the perfect opportunity to spend some time with family. Here are just some of our suggestions on what places to visit:

  • Jackson Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Washington Park
  • Grant Park

However big or difficult your move might be, you want the best for your family. And by moving to a place that is going to fit the lifestyle of your family, you make things better. That’s why when you look at all the reasons, you want to have a good reason to relocate. After you answer the question of whether Chicago is a family-friendly city, the whole task will be much easier to do. We wish you a great move and hope you and your family will enjoy Chicago.

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