Are you thinking that only international moving is demanding? Unfortunately, you are wrong. Every moving from one location to another is a challenging experience you will have to undergo. Even if you are moving a short distance, it can still be stressful. Although you are moving two streets away from a current home, it does not mean it will be extra easy.  Especially, if you don’t plan ahead. There is no magic stick that can relocate all your belongings to a new home in just one move. Consequently, you will need a good strategy. Are you ready for planning your intrastate moving? What intrastate moving services you can expect? We are US Moving Experts and we will help you understand how an intrastate move differs from an interstate move. But also what you can expect from intrastate moving services and how professionals can make your experience as easy as possible.

Intrastate vs. interstate move

There are two types of moves. Firstly local moves or intrastate and secondly it is a long-distance or interstate move. Do you want to know what is the main difference between local and a long-distance move? For most moving companies, an intrastate move is considering to be within the boundaries of a state. On the other hand, interstate movers could handle long-term and over-the-border moves that take people across state lines. Rules will be different as prices, too.


There is a difference between intrastate and interstate moving.

Guidelines for choosing movers and intrastate moving services

When selecting a mover, there are many facts you need to know. So check to see if the company provides arbitration for claim disputes and the type of protection it has regarding damages or loss. Be sure a moving company you are hiring is registered at FMCSA. Check their USDOT number before you decide to hire them. Moreover, make sure that their registration numbers are printed clearly on contracts, estimates, and other business forms. Because it is very important that the moving company has a license and insurance. Properly insured intrastate movers will save you from headaches if something goes wrong during a move.

What is included in interstate or local moving?

Before you even start looking for a reliable moving company, you should create your moving plan. How can you do it? Start planning as soon as possible. Well, first you need to consider do you want to relocate all your possession. For sure there are too many items that you don’t use anymore. Should you pack them either? Unfortunately, that is not a good idea. Moreover, we can explain to you why you need to get rid of useless items. Because of intrastate moving services including packing, loading, and delivery. If you own too many items it will increase the final price for moving services you will take.

What are the costs of all these intrastate moving services?

A local or interstate move will be generally charged by the hour, regardless of the services that are including. You don’t have to pay for services you don’t need. That is why you need to consider your needs and priorities. For example, although local movers can pack your belongings, you can choose to do it only by yourself. As a result, you can save a considerable amount of money by doing your own packing. Another option is doing most of the packing but you can require specialty items to be packing by a professional mover. In case you own a pool table or piano, you should pick services from pool-table or piano movers. This is the best decision if you don’t want it to get damaged. Although you will need to pay extra this kind of service, soon you will realize your beloved item is worth it.

Planning your budget before moving is very important.

Do you need services like wrapping, loading, carrying boxes to a moving truck, etc? Find out if movers offer packing, unpacking, storage and other types of additional services. If they do, your local or interstate moving company will contact you, regarding your moving plan. In order to get what you need, you will be asked about moving dates and the addresses involved. But also about the types of services you prefer. Also, you should remember to ask your intrastate movers about packing costs included in your finally moving estimate.

Packing as one of intrastate moving services

As many items you own, as the bigger price, you will need to pay. The best recommendation you can get is to declutter before your move. But where to start decluttering before you move? Probably you should start with the basement or the attic. It will be more logical when you work your way up or down. You can sell or donate many things you don’t plan to bring with to your new home. But one thing you should keep in mind all the time. Your packing process will be incomparable easier as fewer items you have. Of course, it does not mean you need to throw away half of your household. On the other hand, sorting your things before moving is a very first step to your organized and orderly packing.

Intrastate moving services you can expect
Professional packers will make your move faster than you can even imagine.

Loading and delivery

Besides packing, loading and delivery are part of intrastate moving services you can expect. What exactly will your movers do? Here are some steps you can expect:

  • On the moving day when your belongings are loaded onto a moving truck, a walk-through will be done by the moving crew. They will also protect high-risk areas of your house from damages, such as using padding on stair railings. You don’t have to worry about damages. You can relax because they have years of experience. Not only they have required experience but also they have the necessary materials and supplies.
  • A systematic loading process is involved as one of intrastate moving services.  As a consequence, all moving boxes will be properly labeled, according to rooms.
  • When a shipment is delivered to a client’s new home, precautions are made for unloading it, such as using appropriate materials during the move-in process. Boxes are placed in the proper rooms in the direction of the client.

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