Interstate moving is moving from one US state to another. If you are planning your next interstate move, do not assume that that is easy and simple. Interstate moving is maybe a little bit easier than moving overseas, but it also requires preparation. Luckily we can help with that. After all, moving is demanding and it can be very exhausting.

Make a checklist for your interstate moving

A checklist will help you to not forget anything. Make a plan and write it down. It is a very useful tip. So, this is one example of a checklist for moving to another state. Of course, each person is different and has different habits and need.

  1. Two months before your moving day you should sort and purge your items. If you have kids, contact their school and transfer kids’ school documents.
  2. One and a half month before, call your doctor ask for prescriptions if you have some kind of therapy and transfer your medical record. Also, make travel arrangements and call the insurance company.
  3. One month before, clean the fridge and freezer and start eating food you already have, if you have a car, visit your auto mechanic, etc.
  4. Few days before, get new keys, confirm the movers, visit the pharmacy, etc.
Creating a checklist for interstate moving.
Creating a checklist will you not to forget any step.

Find the best moving company

A reliable and good moving company is key to a successful move. Having an affordable and successful move is possible with Wolley movers, so to see their offer visit their website and you will not make a mistake by hiring them. You should hire a mover, especially if you are moving from one end of the country to another. Your belongings will be safe with experienced workers.

  • Collect recommendations for moving companies. Ask your friends and search online.
  • When you find a moving company you want to hire, ask them for referrals to avoid scams.
  • Read online moving reviews from past clients.
  • Check if the moving company has a license and insurance before you hire them.
  • If you need some kind of special service, can your moving company cover it?

The cost of interstate moving

Cost of your move depends on how many items do you have for moving and where are you moving. But, some average price is about $4,400 (for the weight of about 7,400 pounds and a distance of 1,230 miles). You cannot change the distance, but you can change the weight of your boxes and cut your moving expenses if you want a cheaper move. What you also must consider?

  • Packing boxes and material for wrapping your items. Decide what kind of moving boxes you actually need and collect them.
  • Travel fees for your interstate moving.
  • If you will need a storage unit, you should rent it.
  • Insurance for you and your household goods.
  • Valuation coverage.
Calculating a budget and a cost of a move.
Calculate your budget and then see how much your moving is going to cost you.

Decide what to take and toss

Take your time and think well. Then, make three categories. What to pack when moving, toss and donate or sell. It depends on where are you moving. For example, if you are moving to Florida or Nevada, you will not need winter jackets and boots. Also, if you did not use that item six months or more, you should not take it. Earn some money by selling some pieces of your furniture, plants, home decoration, etc. Organize a yard sale and get rid of some of your items. If you have very old and damaged items, you can throw them away.

Pack your boxes

When you have decided what you will take to your new home in another state, start packing. Start as soon as possible because many people are making mistake and think they have plenty of time. But, there is not because packing is not the only thing you must do before moving day. Especially if you are moving with family and you have a kid(s). Collect all the items you need for packing, such as:

  • Moving boxes. For fragile items use new and firm boxes to avoid damages.
  • Wrapping material such as air bubble foil and newspaper.
  • Duct tape for boxes and scissors.
  • Patience and time.

On the other hand, if you are scared to pack your belongings because you do not have any experience, you can always have a full service from your moving company. They can transport your items and pack them too.

If you cannot pack your items, hire a moving company who can.

Inventory list

Now when you know what you will take with you, make an inventory list. That is now you will not lose anything. Many items might be lost during interstate moving. So, to avoid this situation, make a list of your furniture, valuables, electronics and other things you have in a home. It is a good idea to take a photo of valuables too, and that will be a proof to your insurance company if you lose it. Also, you will have a clear picture in your head of how many items you have to move and to calculate real costs. If you want a moving with ease, creating an inventory list and checklist is a must.


As you can see, there are a lot of steps to have a successful interstate moving. But, it is not non-reachable and that difficult to accomplish. Be free to ask for advice or help, from moving company or friends too. It takes a village to raise a child, and that is the same when moving. It takes a whole team to move. These were basic steps for your interstate move and if you follow them, do not worry, you will have a smooth and stressless move. Good luck with starting a new life in another state in the US. Many American wants to change their home so, use that opportunity take a chance and try something new.

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