People move to another country for various reasons. Is it a new job opportunity? Or a desire to experience something new? A wish to learn a new language maybe? No matter if we guessed the answer or you just need a fresh start, we can provide you with advice. As a part of our idea of making the relocation as easy as possible for you, we have compiled the ultimate international moving checklist to help you along the way. As we know how exhausting and hard the moving can be, we are here to make it less stressful. We are Moving Experts US and we got prepare tips and tricks for your international move. You can rely on our service cause we will make your move a breeze.

Moving abroad planner – International moving checklist

Moving abroad can be a long process that requires a lot more planning than just moving domestically. So follow our international moving checklist and you get will easier trough all important tasks. We will help you with:

  • getting international shipping quotes,
  • assist you in renewing your passport,
  • applying for work visas,
  • and looking into health insurance options.

We remind you that this is just a beginning, there are too many tasks that need to be done before moving day. Consequently, take this advice above all: start early. Not only you will save energy and nerves, but also you will avoid beginners’ mistakes. Additionally, the wrong steps can cost you a lot. As we all know moving can be expensive, especially when it is about long-distance moving. Therefore, give yourself enough time to define a moving budget. On the other hand, hiring reliable movers is an important part of the whole moving process. So be very careful before your decision about the right movers. Instead of wasting time and money ensure to choose reputable movers.

International moving checklist
Create your own international moving checklist.

International moving checklist- several months before

It is important to prepare yourself and your family for living in a new country. So take the time and visit your new country if it is possible. To better understanding the country’s culture, as well as its various cities and neighborhoods you should explore it first. Let this be the first thing you should do following an international moving checklist.

Lightbulb- idea
Write down your ideas. Make reminders, it can be helpful.

Find your new home

Finally, you decide about your perfect city where you are going to live. After all, spending some time in a new city will help you to choose a neighborhood that perfectly suits you. Afterward, you are ready to look for a new apartment. Unquestionably, it will be much easier to plan relocation when you know details about the new home. For example, if you know the size of your new home, particularly if it is smaller than the current home you can look for a storage solution before moving. This will remind you to get rid of unnecessary things before packing.

Before move became near, finish all the important tasks.

Find a relocation consultant

Finding an experienced relocation consultant to show you around the new area will help make your transition a smooth one. A relocation consultant could assist you with everything from locating housing and furniture rentals to finding language classes. You can contact him even about job opportunities.

Three months before

Book travel arrangements

Don’t wait till the last moment. It is time to make airline, car or hotel reservations needed for moving day.

Get free estimates from international movers

You should request quotes from several international movers. Mark this step as ”done” on your international moving checklist well ahead of time. After you receive estimates you should compare movers. Make sure they are available with certifications, capabilities, and insurance. Reliable movers are also licensed and registered at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Gather All Important Documents

You will need all the important documents when you move. So be careful and make sure to place them in a safe location. As soon as possible begin gathering of the next documents:

  • birth certificates,
  • passports,
  • marriage certificates,
  • driver’s licenses,
  • school records,
  • medical forms
  • social security cards.

Do you need to obtain or renew a passport? In case you need to apply for a new passport or renew an existing one, you must start the process early.

Search for storage options

Long term or a short term solution? Wheater you need a temporary or long-term storage solution, now it’s time to consider all options. Ensure to choose the right size of storage on time. At the same time use an opportunity to declutter and get rid of useless items. The fewer items you store in storage items the more affordable solution you can get. Therefore, it is recommendable to looking to lighten your load advance. So before moving you should consider donating or selling unnecessary items.

Contact Banks

Firstly find out if your current bank has a location in your new country. But if your bank does not exist there, look into opening a bank account after you move. Mark it as a ”must” on your international moving checklist. In any way, you need to contact your bank to let them know that you are moving.

One month before

If you did your best in the previous months you can be relaxed now. As you put in the effort to organize everything following your international moving checklist it will be easy to finish final preparations. One month before your move, confirm all dates and details with your international moving company. After you finish this important task, thoroughly research a new city. In addition to researching information online, you should be purchasing a country and city guide before you move. A guide will provide you with critical details, such as locations of hospitals, and foreign exchange offices. But it is also a great introduction to your new life. This kind of researching will be relaxing and it will help you to cope with stress. At the same time, it is an opportunity for you to get ready for all tasks that expect you after moving.

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