When you’re moving, there are many details to think about. From what to move to how to move it, it’s a big challenge. However, that doesn’t mean that you can forget about the relatively small, but important things. That’s why we at the Moving Experts US Chicago want to help you out with both moving and some great tips. Here’s how to transfer your utilities when moving, and make sure that you have everything you need in your new home.

Make sure that you start ahead of time

Utilities aren’t the first thing that people think about when moving. However, it can really be a detail that can cause problems. For that reason, it’s best to take care of them on time. We suggest making sure you take care of it a week or even two before the residential movers Chicago arrive and do their work. One of the reasons for that amount of time is the fact that you can easily overlook such a task. And it can even be more stressful and time-consuming after your relocation. However long or short the time window for your move is, make sure to handle the utilities on time.

A calendar with glasses on top of them
Leave some time in order to transfer your utilities when moving

List all of your utilities and contact the companies

As we mentioned, utilities are not something that’s always on your mind. For that reason, it’s no wonder that people forget about the companies that provide them with services. For that reason, our advice is to list all the companies that are taking care of your utilities. This can speed up the whole process. Instead of wasting time before the long-distance movers Chicago arrive, and looking for them all in a couple of days, you can get all the information in a couple of days.

Before you transfer your utilities when moving have everything paid off

In order to transfer your utilities when moving smoothly, it’s important to pay everything off. Otherwise, you can end up with problems and unnecessary delays. Communicate with every company what your balances are and make sure to pay them off. And if you consider the fact that the residential movers in Chicago are very affordable, you can always take care of your utilities. It’s a small step but can improve your situation greatly.

A person taking a dollar bill out of their wallet
Have everything paid off before transferring utilities

Confirm the transfer of  your utilities when moving

The last step in the whole process is to actually confirm the transfer. In order to do that, make sure that you call the company and give them the green light. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait too long for the process to be over with. Especially if you’re dealing with a BBB-approved company that is reputable and professional. Be that it’s lights, water, cable, or anything else, you will have it in your new home in no time. However, don’t forget to make that call just before your move.

Keeping every detail of the move in check can be of great help to you. For that reason, it’s best that you follow our advice. Especially on important things like how to transfer your utilities when moving. There are many people that will have headaches with this procedure, or because they haven’t done it one time. Be responsible and make sure to follow it through. Only by doing so can you enter your new home and be completely happy and careless.


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