The arrival of shortening days and lower temperatures mean that winter is coming. Days of enjoying and lounging on your patio furniture are over. Now it is time to think about how to store patio furniture over the winter. Storing your things properly will help them last for many years. You can take them inside the house, place them in your garage, or hire a company that offers storage services. But, before putting the furniture away, it is important to thoroughly clean your furniture.

Clean up your furniture before storing it

Before you decide to store patio furniture over the winter, you must clean it up. Remove any dirt, mud, or food because it can easily turn into mold. If you find rust on your furniture use a rust-neutralizing primer and a silicone sealant for protection. Outdoor furniture getting rusty is a common occurrence and can be fixed. Buying new patio furniture isn’t cheap so look for any rust spots before storing your things. Rustproofing is a must in these situations.

Protect your wooden furniture from mold.
Make sure to protect your wooden patio furniture from rain and low temperatures during the winter

Why do you need to store patio furniture over the winter?

It is important to care for and store your furniture properly during winter. If you have wooden outdoor furniture, it will absorb moisture from the air. Keeping it outside in colder temperatures will make moisture freeze inside the wood and cause it to crack. So, first, wash the furniture with a water-detergent-bleach solution. Then, let the wood air-dry before storing it. Also, apply a protective sealant to protect it from moisture damage. If you have plastic pieces, you don’t have to worry about moisture. However, winter temperatures can make the plastic brittle enough to crack. That is why it is important to store it for the winter.

As for metal furniture, the biggest issue is rust. Rust spots can appear due to cold temperatures and freezing rain. So, as we already explained, treat it with a rust-neutralizing primer. It goes without saying that cushion fabrics get easily damaged during the winter. Before cleaning your cushions and removable covers, read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Then put them in the washing machine and, if possible, add bleach to kill mildew. After you clean everything, put tarps or covers over them. Then it is time to hire local movers who will transport your furniture to a nearby storage facility.

How to find adequate storage units?

After cleaning your patio furniture, it is time to call furniture movers Chicago to take it to a storage facility. It takes some time to find a reliable, licensed moving company. Your movers should be experienced and well-trained. They will be able to recommend good storage nearby.

Find adequate storage for outdoor furniture.
Move your patio furniture in a storage unit during the winter

When looking for storage Chicago make sure it is safe and secure. Also, make sure that you properly determine the size of the storage unit you need. Your movers can help you make the right choice.

Storing patio furniture over the winter will help it last much longer. If you don’t have enough room for outdoor pieces of furniture in your garage or shed, find a local storage unit that offers short-term storage. Your patio furniture will stay in good condition and be ready to use in the spring.

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