Preparing for a long-distance move? Having a lot of furniture to take from one point to another? Then our tips on how to ship furniture across the country will be needed to get your move off to a good start. Above all, you’ll need some quality¬†US moving experts for such a big task. This job isn’t really a DIY type of work so we really advise you to hire professionals. Obviously, this can come at a high price but it’s worth it. There are many circumstances that determine the price and difficulty of the job. So here are just some of the things you’ll need to do before you ship the furniture on the long road.

How to ship furniture across the country including important factors

As anytime you need to move everything is on a budget. If you additionally consider this being an out of state move you’ll have to get your budgeting on a high level. But there are other factors that have an impact on the price. For example, reputable furniture movers Chicago can tell you that there are many different variables. Most people think that the type of transport is the key but there are more. Here are just some of the key elements when you decide how to ship furniture across the country.

Item size

One of the factors that you’ll need to think about is the size of your furniture. Small coffee tables won’t have the same moving method and won’t cost the same as a big wardrobe. But don’t worry, professionals are there to keep your items safe however big or small.

Furniture around th house
Different types of furniture require different types of moving


If you are going to transport some heavier items you should know that it will affect the way your items will be transported. One larger item can make the difference between your furniture being transported by a truck or having to go with an airplane. This can obviously change up your budget.


When deciding what furniture to bring with them people mostly choose to take a high-quality type of furniture on such a long trip. Have in mind that the cost of your long-distance move requires you to think about the stuff you’ll take with you. So try to make your furniture move a profitable one.


Obviously the longer the distance your furniture has to travel the steeper the price can get. But to make your move practical you shouldn’t ask how much your move costs, rather you should look at the best possible option for your moving needs.

Best practices to ship furniture across the country safely

As with any interstate move, your game plan needs to be well made and executed. Before you start thinking about packing your furniture here are just some items you need to have in mind when you move. From ways to protect yourself and your belongings to choosing the best movers for you, choices can be difficult.

Ship transporting furniture and other items
Furniture can be transported with trucks, boats, trains, and even airplanes

Choose a reputable mover

Your first step in any type of move should be choosing the best movers for the job. There are different ways to look at movers when you’re choosing the best ones. Thankfully we’ve got our cross country movers Chicago ready to get the job done. If you for some reason decide to look further for yourself try to have everything you want out of your movers. And remember the quality of this type of move should be the most important thing, don’t try to go cheap on this one.

Take photos of your furniture

If the safety of your furniture is on top of your priorities then taking photographic evidence is a must for you. Take photos of your most precious furniture so if in case of some damages you can always have the upper hand in case of a dispute with the movers.

Use quality packing materials

When you have such a big move on the cards you should know that using quality packing materials needs to be necessary. Nobody wants to have their precious family heirloom damaged or scratched after such a long ride. So be ready to get the best quality stuff because your regular cardboard and bubble wrap won’t cut it.

How to ship furniture across the country while having good communication

Taking any type of item for hundreds and even thousands of miles is something where you need to have a lot of trust in your mover. Besides, if it’s the case with your furniture that really isn’t that cheap or easy to replace it’s even more important. That’s why you’ll need good communication with your long distance movers as a way to feel more comfortable. Just remember you and the movers both can feel nervous so having great communication is going to reflect on the move itself.

Man on the phone with his movers
Having good communication with your movers is essential

How to ship furniture across the country and declutter in the process

Starting a move is difficult. Especially if you consider it’s an out of state one. However, there are many unknowns for such an endeavor. The first question is mostly – How much will it cost? But before you start putting numbers on paper here are some tips to save up and declutter. Firstly, look at the furniture that you won’t take with you. Put them up on the internet as it can be an easy way to get some money. On the other hand, if you think it won’t sell there are other options available. Also, you could donate old furniture to some of the organizations. It will make your workload smaller and someone happier.

Moving out of state can seem like a huge challenge. However, we hope that our tips on how to ship furniture across the country will make it easier. In the end, knowing as much as you can about your furniture will be your biggest ally. For that reason try to have the most amount of info available as it can facilitate the move so much. Take the tasks one by one and soon it could be all over. Good luck with your move and safe travels!

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