Finally, you have finished your relocation. Well done, it was a demanding process for sure. And while you’re sitting in your new home surrounded by tons of moving boxes, your unpacking is waiting on you. At this moment you may think about how this going to last forever. Moreover, as you are exhausted after a moving day, unpacking seems like an impossible mission. So take a little break before you move on. Because unpacking after a move can be fun and very easy. All you need is to get enough rest. When you become ready, keep on sorting. If you are left with tons of packing supplies and materials after your move, make a plan before you throw them away. There are so many ways to reuse packing supplies after your move.

Consider how to reuse packing supplies

Who likes spending money on items that we are going to use only once? Nobody, we will rather invest in things that could be able to use more times in the future. Because the investment that you had made would have been more future than now-oriented. Not only we invest our money buying packing supplies but also we invest our precious time. For this reason, here at US Moving Experts, we compiled our knowledge and experience to save you from headaches.

First of all, let’s check your moving boxes. Are they in decent shape? It will depend on the moving company you hired for your move. If your movers were careless and sloppy, unfortunately, there won’t be anything to reuse. Otherwise, if you did packing by yourself, the condition of your boxes is a way to see if you were careful enough. Moving without boxes seems like a ridiculous idea, so take care to save most of them.

reuse packing supplies
Carefully sort your cardboard boxes, you can keep the stuff inside them

List of most common packing materials used for packing during moving

You can reuse most of these materials and supplies:

  • There is no moving without cardboard boxes. On the other hand, cardboard boxes are the first thing you will think about when you want to pack or prepare for storing any of your items.
  • You will also have tons of plastic bags after unpacking, and they could be very useful.
  • Plastic bubble sheeting is a real savior of your fragile and gentle items. Nevertheless, in most cases, it will mean you don’t have to throw it in the garbage after only one use.
  • Stretch wrap is necessary while you pack your household. It can be hard to keep in good condition because it is so thin and sticks to everything. But there is a way to save it and later reuse stretch wrap.
  • Packing tapes are usually useless after moving and unpacking.
  • Packing peanuts may have many uses after the move.

The best ways how to reuse packing supplies

As we already mentioned, to answer the question of how to reuse packing supplies after a move, they must be in decent shape. So take a look at what we can do with them. Follow the main ideas on how to reuse packing supplies:

  • Use your packing supplies and materials in your storage unit after finishing with moving
  • Pass on your moving materials to someone else. Ask your friends and family members if they need some of those.
  • Sell moving materials. You can contact your moving company and ask them to buyback unused boxes.
  • For example, use packing materials to store your Christmas decorations until next year
  • Clean cardboard boxes can provide hours of fun for kids – cardboard costumes, playhouses, castles, forts, mazes, and even puppet theaters. You can be creative and enjoy the fun with them.

Organize your storage unit

Renting a storage unit is a unique solution for your space issues. Living in a small apartment can be possible only if you don’t have too many belongings. In case you really can’t just throw in garbage many of the items that don’t fit your new home, storage is your salvation. Not only your home need to be clean and organized to be functional but also your storage needs to be sorted, too. In this case, you can reuse packing supplies in order to organize your storage unit. Prepare your items for storage by reusing different packing materials. This is a great opportunity for you to realize how useful moving supplies are. First and foremost, they are sturdy. Secondly, they are made to withstand many different conditions. Above all, you are going to be moving in different seasons, in all kinds of weather.

After unpacking, visit your storage and consider organizing them.

Organize your garage

The best thing that you can do is to use your packing supplies for organizing your storage units. But if you don’t rent one and are not planning on renting soon, you can use it for your garage space instead. With tons of moving supplies, you can think about organizing your garage. Whatever you decide to do in order to sort your belongings, moving supplies can play a role in it.

Plastic bags can be also used for storing items inside your garage. Additionally, the good thing about them is that they do not take any space at all. That means that you should keep them instead of throwing them in the garbage after moving. Even if you don’t have an immediate idea of how to use them again, set them aside. After some short period, you will need them for something. If nothing else, you can use them to get rid of the garbage from your house or from the garage.

You can store your packing supplies inside your garage.

Make a list and stay relaxed

It is not a very pleasant sight to look at tons of leftover material after moving. But don’t let this annoying you for too long. Instead of jumping over across these crowds of leftover moving boxes, create a plan on how to reuse packing supplies. Creating a strategy can be very relaxing. After the moving stress affected you and your family members, find a way to avoid them. Not only sorting packing supplies and materials can be fun but also it can save your money.

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