It is important to protect your musical instruments in storage properly. Not only will you need to keep them safe, but you should make sure that they will not damage something else in boxes or cause injuries when unpacking. It is something that only specialized piano movers in Chicago know. They have the proper tool and equipment to arrange safe transportation and storing of your instrument.

Violin and piano
Each instrument has different parts and you should pack them separately

Protect your musical instruments in storage

Many people think that putting instruments in storage is good enough for your instrument’s protection. However, even in the best storage, they are not even close to being protected. We know that storages have a high temperature or could be humid. Also, you should have in mind that whenever opening storage you can accidentally damage the instrument.

  • Many musical instruments are made of wood – you should follow a guide for protecting the wood properly if want to protect your musical instruments in storage;
  • Size of the instrument is highly important – although you can rent extremely large storage in Chicago, you should keep in mind price and other costs;
  • No matter where and how you will store your instruments, it will be expensive so prepare for that cost – protecting usually demands special equipment and professional help.

Protect corners

It is important to learn how to protect each part of your instrument when packing in storage. However, the most important is to learn how to protect corners. It is easy to damage and break them. Luckily, US moving experts are skilled and experienced in these jobs and you can completely rely on them.

Wrap legs

If you have a large instrument, like a piano, you surely know that protecting the legs is important. There are a lot of ways how you can damage them. However, if you rely on professionals, they will easily and carefully protect them, even for local moving.

Use cloth for protection

If you are sure that your instrument will be in storage for a long time, you should protect it. It is important even if it will stay at one place during that time. There are a lot of situations when other items in storage, like furniture, could accidentally make scratches on your instrument. You can use things that you have in-home for that purpose, like blankets, wardrobe, or pillows.

Guitar and piano with drumsticks
Learn which parts your instrument has

Do not forget the details if want to protect your musical instruments in storage

Even though you have organized all professionally, there are situations when you should not forget about details. Each instrument has small parts, decorations, and sensitive pieces that you should protect properly. Do not forget the loose parts and corners.

Remove loose parts

Each instrument has parts that you can remove. It is important to do it before packing for storage or transportation. Learn parts of the piano and put them in protected boxes before storing them. In that way, you will be sure that your instrument will not damage, or make ugly marks from screws or buttons.

You always can check in professional stores how to protect instruments

Check professional stores

Like in any other situation, professional stores have guidance and tools for packing musical instruments. Even if you do not need those things, advice from professionals could be good for you. So if you want to professionally protect your musical instruments in storage, you should ask professionals for advice.

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