Moving shouldn’t be the start of a painful new chapter in your life; it should be thrilling. Many people become preoccupied with preserving priceless possessions that they neglect to properly protect themselves. Relocating from one home to another gives a surprising number of opportunities for injury. There is always a chance of getting hurt when moving, whether it is from lifting bulky furniture or carrying overstuffed boxes. This is especially true if you are doing all of the work by yourself. Before you hire moving companies in Illionois, we will give you useful advice so you can prevent injuries when moving bulky items.

Think about past injuries

Your moving day will most likely include a lot of pushing, pulling, bending, and lifting. If you have an existing injury that could be worsened by the move, consult your doctor about which movements and activities you should avoid. You should also consider enrolling the assistance of friends or family members, or hiring a professional moving crew.  We highly recommend you hire furniture movers Chicago if you want your relocation go as comfortable as possible.

 Person putting a kinesio Tape on a person's injured knee
Prevent injuries when moving bulky items by knowing your physical limits.

Put on appropriate clothing.

One of the most common mistakes on moving days is neglecting to dress appropriately. Stick to sneakers or boots with plenty of comfort and traction instead of slippers, sandals, and heels. Boots reduce the possibility of smashed toes if a heavy object falls on your feet. Keep your clothing comfortable, with nothing too tight or baggy that will slow you down or restrict your movement.

Consider wearing additional protective gear, especially if you’ve previously been injured. A back brace can provide much-needed back support. It is safer to take these precautions to prevent injuries when moving bulky items.

Use proper form to prevent injuries when moving heavy items

Back tension is a common side effect of moving. Fortunately, proper lifting techniques can help you avoid muscle pain and injury. Lift heavy items with your legs rather than your back. As you move, keep your spine as straight as possible and engage your core. Allowing stronger muscle groups to do most of the work will help keep your back healthy. When possible, use tools like dollies and rolling carts to lighten your load. Or if you don’t want to think about all this, use the help of moving services Chicago has. They will take complete care of your inventory and even provide a number of services for a better overall experience.

prevent injuries when moving bulky items by asking someone to help you
Help is always welcome in moving large and bulky boxes.

Pay attention to your body and know your limits

If something doesn’t feel right, pay close attention to your body and stop immediately. You’re setting yourself up for injury if you attempt to lift more weight than you are capable of. The danger of injury increases if you keep working after you feel weak. Based on previous physical activity experience, determine how much and how long you can work.  That’s how you can prevent injuries when moving bulky and heavy items. If you are uncomfortable, you can always hire residential moving companies to assist you.


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